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    WTS/WTT Kifaru Cargo Net

    Selling a black cargo net. Bought used and used over the past couple months to carry weighted bags while I waited for my 44 mag to get here. Like new shape, just don’t have a ton of use for it anymore. 50 TYD PayPal. May also trade for other Kifaru accessories in RG or coyote. Shoot me a message...
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    Next dog

    That is my point, dogs from the East CAN perform with dogs from the west in those arenas, and certainly vice versa. Maybe you haven't said they can't handle it, but you have alluded to the fact they're almost certainly going to be inferior because the parents don't consistently run the west...
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    Next dog

    We’re getting a bit off track from the OP at this point obviously so I’ll keep it short, but that simply isn’t true. The top guys from MI all run dogs in Montana, the Dakotas and also the southern states for quail. The dogs perform well. If you require a dog with more range and better heat...
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    Next dog

    There are plenty of fine dogs east of the Mississippi, so if this is truly a search for the best/most fitting litter I wouldn't put a ton of stock into location. Scott Townsend out of Crosswind Kennels in Maybee MI has a line of shorthairs that continue to produce on the test circuit and the...
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    eBay 15% Off Everything! Ends 06/30

    Same here unfortunately
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    Elk hunt strategy Michigan

    Congrats to your buddy on the tag! 0/4 myself, but hoping if I stay in MI and put in my time I'll have a chance someday. Good luck.
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    MeatEater has bought First Lite

    With the product they both currently put out and the values they share, I have an extremely hard time believing that will be the case with this merger.
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    Asolo Fugitive - Stiffness on a Crispi scale

    Own a pair of Fugitives and now Nevadas. The Nevada is certainly stiffer, but also more comfortable. Pretty much a do all boot for me now, so I rarely wear the fugitives except out and about. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Crispi lineup but I'd try a few if you can. I was sold on...
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    Progress of my preparations for my Colorado sheep hunt?

    Cool thread. I'll definitely be following along. Was in Colorado a couple weeks ago and spent a morning hiking trying to lay eyes on some sheep with no luck. Probably won't ever get the chance to hunt them being a MI resident, but man they are such cool animals. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Kifaru pack color combinations what is your favorite

    Haven't gotten my bag yet, but I have a coyote frame and a ranger green 44 mag on order. Ranger green accessories on the belt. Would probably go coyote pouches on the bag for some contrast if I need more room, but I really like coyote/ranger green combos that I have seen on here.
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    WTB Kifaru Cargo Net

    Looking for a cargo net. Color doesn’t matter. Shoot me a PM if you have one you’d part with.
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    WTB WTB Baby Carrier

    Ran across this video the other day. Seems like a solid setup for Kifaru frame.
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    Pack on a budget

    The best frame you can afford. I've had an outdoorsmans and two MR packs now, finally settled on a Kifaru recently due to their versatility. Mystery Ranch makes a pretty good pack so you wouldn't be wrong there. If a pack is something you use year and year again, I'd probably look for a Kifaru...
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    First Kifaru Pack

    Visited Kifaru while I was in Denver last week. Was already contemplating a change over to Kifaru, but that visit solidified it. Blown away by the 44 mag, so I'll be placing an order soon. Thinking it'll finally end the constant pack change trying to find one that will do everything I need it...
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    Shape Charge/44 mag combo

    Basically how they explained it to me is the tactical handles awkward, heavier loads better. He said they recommend the tactical to all the treestand guys because when you throw a stand and sticks in the meat self and really tighten the straps down to secure it, the tactical isn’t going to flex...
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    Shape Charge/44 mag combo

    I'm in a similar situation. Hunt whitetails in MI extensively, with a once a year western trip. Have had a couple packs from other companies that set up well for the western stuff, but never loved them for daypack mode around home. Was in Denver this weekend, so I stopped in at Kifaru...
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    Montana draw results

    Should be up now
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    WTS Kifaru Pullouts

    PM Sent
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    Schnees Beartooth vs. Crispi Idaho

    Can't comment on Idaho's but I have tried a pair of Wyomings. Ordered both those and the Nevadas to try since I have no local retailers. The Nevada fit my foot like a glove, but the Wyoming wasn't quite as nice of a fit for me. I think the Idaho would be a serviceable boot for sure, but if you...