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    WTS Garmin InReach Explorer+ for sale BNIB

    Brand new in box. Charged battery and turned on to check functionality. Never taken outside or activated. $350 OBO shipped CONUS
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    WTS Garmin Oregon 650T 4G for sale

    Garmin Oregon 650T 4G internal memory. Takes an SD card as well. Only used on one hunt. There are some small scratches in the screen, which happened while riding in my bino harness. The picture actually makes them look worse than they are (the smudge on the left center isn't a scratch, it's how...
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    Stove size for SO 8 man tipi

    I'm thinking about getting either a Winnerwell Nomad or a Gstove to heat an 8 man SO tipi. The question I have is which size should I go. Both of them offer two sizes, basically a medium or large. I'd rather keep the size down if possible. I know that stove length plays a part as you can fit...
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    WTB WTB - Seek Outside 12 Man Tipi

    Probably a long shot since these don't come up for sale often, but I thought I'd try before buying new... -12 man (might go 16?) in like new or excellent condition -Want door screens -Ultimately I want accessories like liners, stove etc. so I'd consider a package deal but not necessary wily
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    10% off at tripods and accessories at The Outdoorsman's until the end of the month!

    10% off at the Outdoorsman's until the end of the month on tripods and accessories. No coupon needed, prices have been adjusted. Killer products and awesome customer service!!! wily
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    WTS Vortex Kaibab HD 15 x 56

    Excellent condition Vortex Kaibab HD 15 x 56. Only used a couple of times. Includes everything they came with in original box. I'm also throwing in a Vortex Uni-Dapter for tripod use. $750 shipped in CONUS. Paypal F & F or pay fees or Post Office money order.
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    Looking for a good deal on a Garmin Inreach+

    Anyone know where a good deal could be had on a Garmin Inreach Explorer+ Best I've found is $419 shipped. Thanks!
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    Hatch Bipod

    Hi guys, I'm looking at purchasing a new bipod and came across this one: I like that it adjusts from a prone position through a sitting position. There's not a lot of information on these out there to sift through, but most comments I read are positive...
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    My 2018 Whitetail season

    New member, thought I'd share my 2018 Whitetail season. This one was taken in Manitoba. He made a mistake chasing a hot doe into the open and the .300 short mag did it's work at 250 yards. I've spent several years up there looking for a classic dark antlered buck like this stud and finally...
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    Garmin Explorer SE on sale at Costco

    Just saw this, sale ends tomorrow. Pretty good deal if you're looking for this model...$229.99
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    Garmin In Reach Explorer+/Mini or Bivystick

    I searched this forum and found a fair amount of info on the Garmin In Reach models but almost nothing on the Bivystick. I've studied them all so I think I have a good understanding of their differences. But I'd like to hear some "real world" experiences. The $s paid for the actual unit are...
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    WTB First Lite Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket in Fusion Size XL

    Looking for new or as new condition... Thanks