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    kowa tsn 601

    That’s the setup I was think of going with. I still think I may save up and go with the 66 though. The vanguard works for now
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    kowa tsn 601

    I’ve been looking at this scope as well. Mainly because of the eyepiece options. Anything you would compare it too? I currently have the 65mm vanguard. I’d really like a 66mm kowa, but it’s quite abit more.
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    Spotter or no? Poll

    I would use mine more if I had s wide angle fixed power eyepiece. My 65mm vanguard is great, but sometimes the eye relief isn’t quite right. On max power my eyeball had to touch the eyepiece. I think a 60 or 66mm kowa is in the cards for me eventually. With both a variable and fixed eyepiece...
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    Seek outside internal load shelf?

    Thanks everyone for the info, and pics. Pretty much what I imagined. I will definitely be ordering a brooks pack. Just need to get a pay check or two first. Moving and changing jobs uses up a lot of money. Who knew.
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    Seek outside internal load shelf?

    How exactly would that work with the brooks pack? I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, is there any pics?
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    Pack on a budget

    Hey man, there is no room for reason and honesty on the internet. Just kidding, good post!
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    Seek outside internal load shelf?

    Just about ready to pick up a brooks pack, new or used. What’s everyone’s experience with the internal load shelf? Mainly for bone quarters. Any other feedback on the pack? It’s either that or a unaweep and daypack Merlin and kid. Probably a 4800.
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    Pack on a budget

    I also recommend a bora pack. Way underrated.
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    New Hunter Optics

    Leupold fx3 6 power scope is probably one of the best hunting scopes you can get. Good eye relief and good glass. It’s been my go to for years.
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    Weaver K3 (steel) - score!

    Nice find. I have a few of the older steel tube K4’s. My favourite thing about them is how tough they are.
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    Anyone running a Kifaru pack on a non-Kifaru frame?

    I’ve often thought of putting a woodsman bag in my molle frame. Or a native, guide lid and pouches. Either way it’s a bit cheaper. If you have a frame that works for you I’d say do it. If you are looking g for load carrying though, I’d buy the frame first.
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    Tripod recommendation for Binos only

    I use a monfrotto be free tripod with the be free fluid head. Works great for my binos, and can hold a 65mm spotter. Got it on sale too.
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    Leupold service question

    I sent an old m8 to Korth, for a similar reason. I left instruction in the box I shipped it in to just clean it if possible. They did exactly that, and purged and resealed the scope. No charge. Very easy process. Excellent company to deal with.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Tire guy. I change and repair tires from 4” gate tires to 63” earthmover tires. Mainly field work. Not glamorous at all but it bought a house and pays the bills.
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    Puffy vest or jacket

    Puffy jacket for sure But I’m a huge fan of a light weight, windproof vest. Really helps keep the chill out, without getting hot. Can layer over or under just about anything as well. I always have one with me year round.
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    Vanguard vs Vortex?

    Maybe you got a really good diamondback? The 65mm diamondback I tested before I got the vanguard hurt my eye and seemed kind of fuzzy, no matter how I focused it. It was very faint but still there. My vanguard isn’t phenomenal, but in the price range to me it was the clear winner. Everyone’s...
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    Hawke Endurance ED vs Vanguard Endeavor HD 20-60

    Also interested in this. The wide angle fixed power eyepiece for the hawk is making me want to sell my vanguard 65mm and switch to the hawk.
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    Wide angle eyepiece for vanguard spotter

    I’d like to confirm that. Vanguard never got back to me when I contacted them. As good as the vanguard is, if funds allowed I’d be switching to a kowa with both the zoom and fixed eyepiece. I could almost afford the 60mm but I’d really like the 66mm. Super nice glass. To bad my bathroom...
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    Seek Outside Pack Out Experiences

    I’m also interested in SO packs. Mainly the unaweep 4800. How does it handle packing quarters? Inside the bag? Strapped to the back? Bone in or out?
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    Anyone used chemical bodywarmers in their bag?

    Make sure your careful. I got a weird chemical burn on my nutsack from one. Sleeping in just boxers, then I got cold so I threw in a body pad. Somehow ended up in my boxers, must have split open. True story.