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    2018 Alaska Dall Sheep (Amazon version)

    A lot of you saw this on Amazon in the last few weeks. Some of you watched the day-by-day version we posted last September when we returned. Here is the 44-minute version, uninterrupted, told as one continuous story on our Amazon Prime channel.
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    AK Black Bear 2018 (Amazon Episode)

    Some of you watched the day-by-day version of this hunt on our YouTube channel, last summer. Some may have watched the final polished episode on Amazon since it went live last week. If you want to watch it on YouTube, here it is. My friend who joined on this hunt, Mike Spitzer, has a lucky...
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    Season 7 - Fresh Tracks now on Amazon Prime

    It seems to have taken forever to resolve the closed captioning issues with Amazon, but success at last. The first nine episodes of Season 7 are now live. More episodes are being loaded and hope to have approval of those in the next month. If you are a Prime subscriber, you get the highest...
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    Selfless - A Wild Sheep Conservation Story

    Planning for this project started in July 2017. Two years later and five trips to Nevada, it is finally ready to go. This is a story about average people doing extraordinary work on behalf of wild things, in this case, wild sheep. They give selflessly of their time and talent, not knowing who...
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    Opportunity to hunt next to Yellowstone

    There are no landowner tags in Montana. This article is a very similar situation where a landowner tried to convince hunters that he had landowner tags from MT FWP. Reading this old article sure has a lot of similarities to what has been posted here...
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    Sony a6000 vs Sony s6300

    I prefer the 6400. A lot of upgrades from my 6300. I have this as my all purpose lens - And yes, as Cameraland mentioned, there are tons of lens options when using the adapter(s). We have a lot of Sonys...
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    Sony a6000 vs Sony s6300

    We have both that 6000 and the 6300, plus a 6400 and a 6500. I suspect most people will prefer the 6300 over the 6000. These Sony mirrorless cameras are excellent for video and photo, when considering their size and compactness. If I had one wish, it would be for better battery life when in...
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    AZ Draw CC Hits

    I just got hit for non-resident deer.
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    Music licensing help

    If just doing on YouTube, Epidemic is your best solution.
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    Tanya's bear

    Yes, we were/are. I figured I would need to get in touch with the Avery Empire scheduling assistant to coordinate such. Given Ryan usually has me blocked on his call list, I will call the Global HQ and ask for your voicemail.
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    Tanya's bear

    Great bear. Looking forward to hearing the story. Congrats, Tanya.
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    National Parks Magazine article Protecting Grizzlies

    I spent three years as one of fifteen citizens who worked with the USFWS as they crafted the Yellowstone Grizzly Conservation Strategy. Rather than pick apart each point in the article, suffice to say that the USFWS has provided evidence that counters every claim/concern mentioned. So far, the...
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    Rain Deer

    Thank you. Glad you liked it. We released the YouTube and Amazon versions over the weekend. The response has been very exciting, given the trepidation that builds over the course of a two-year project.
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    RAIN DEER - A Sitka Blacktail Story

    The full length versions went live today. Amazon is the highest quality viewing experience and is at this link - Below is the YouTube link.
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    RAIN DEER - A Sitka Blacktail Story

    This film has been two years in the making. It will make its premiere at the BHA Rendezvous in Boise, on May 4th. The next day, May 5th, it will be live on our Amazon and YouTube channels. Hard to tell a story of hunting, food, conservation, research and how it is funded, all within a 20-minute...
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    Hilleberg vs Others

    Anjan didn't come out until 2013(?). I already had 100+ nights in this Nallo by that time. No condensation issues if you set it up properly and ventilate it properly, which is easy to do. That's the beauty of the inner/outer tent system of Hilleberg. You almost have to go out of your way to...
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    Hilleberg vs Others

    Bought Nallo 2GT back in 2007(?). Best money I've spent for comfort and dryness on multi-day trips. Could buy lighter tents, but when the weather craps and misery arrives, ten days in a rainy Alaska camp makes the Hilleberg far worth the weight difference. 300+ nights so far in that tent...
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    Muskrats - It's What's For Dinner

    Day 5: The catchin' is done. Now it's time for cleanin' and cookin'.
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    Muskrats - It's What's For Dinner

    Day 4: Due to a crazy calendar, it's time to pull these traps, finish with the skinning and butchering chores, then get these muskrat hams over to Marcus (camera guy and wild game cook) for tacos tomorrow.
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    The Hunting Public

    Some of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Fun to see their success.