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    Hinsdale, Montana

    Looking for somebody that lives or hunts quite a bit close to Hinsdale and/or north and knows that country. I've got private land access west and north of there and have some questions before we start scouting this summer. PM please.
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    Newer bows - specifically bowtech guys

    I wanted to get some discussion on newer model bowtechs as I have not followed the latest models. I'm still shooting an 07 allegiance and have killed so many animals with it. I spend most of my time bow hunting on the mountain and so I would like to find a newer bow that is light and has some...
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    Colorado unit 741

    Anybody hunted this unit or the Ute res? I've got access to private land 3rd season and wanted to discuss with somebody with experience here.
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    Another Montana preference point question

    I'm asking on here because the lady at FWP was more confused than I was. A friend and I are putting in together. We average 2.5 preference points. Do we go into draw with 2.5 points or round up to three.
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    Montana general question north east corner of the state

    Let's say you have access to 50,000 private acres in north eastern Montana on the milk river. What week of the season would you hunt for mule deer?
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    Region H last season...

    I would like to PM with someone that hunted Region H last year to get their experience / don't need locations. I've hunted G multiple times but my wife has enough points to draw H this year and I want you make sure it's worth the crowds and tough terrain, etc.
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    What groups are most effective advocating for public lands?

    The more I hunt public land, the more I am concerned that my 3 young boys wont get to enjoy the same hunts that I have enjoyed. I'm scared that today will be "the good ol days" in 10 years. I am a rancher who sees other ranchers abusing public land. I see outfitters who are profiting off a...
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    Let's talk grazing on public lands...

    This thread is opening a can of worms, but I hope that enough knowledgeable biologists, hunters, grazers, etc. will chime in as to help us maybe find a solution to one of our largest issues... not enough public land/animals/tags. To begin - I am a rancher - but I operate 100% on deeded land. I...
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    New Mexico lockdown

    Got a hunt right after the first of year. Curious how others are handling this as a nonresident. Thanks In advance
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    Dalton highway - truck camper

    Three of us are renting a rig for the dalton hwy. Tempted to get a 4x4 truck with camper in the bed for convenience, especially for when it rains. Anyone on here with experience with this? Renting from GoNorth.
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    Tundra/walking river edges

    Haul road / 5 mile death march/ is walking the river edges more stable than waking tundra - considering walking along ivashek to get 5 miles back and then float back to road on pack out - thanks in advance
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    Wyoming Leftover

    Who all is waiting on leftover draw results today? Is it 10 am release like regular draw?
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    Mule deer rut with bow -tactics

    Drew a January archery tag in southern NM and this will be the first time I've had a chance to chase MD in the rut. Would like to hear different tactics that more experienced hunters have used to find success.
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    Haul road firewood/ meat cooling

    Couple of questions for you haul road veterans. Is it possible to get firewood from public areas south of the pass that are heavily wooded? Or are there restrictions? Also, has anyone ever used streams or edges of the sag to cool meat during the daytime (assuming within eyesight and river not...
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    WTS Easton FMJ 340 spine match grade

    12 Easton FMJ 340 spine - match grade, pro series - 11.3 GPI. Selling due to too short for my bow (catch and release). straigtness:.001" - includes pre-installed X-nocks and X Hit 8-32 inserts- righthand helical AAE Max Stealth vanes. $120 tyd
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    Haul road 2020 covid effects

    Planning on hunting the Haul Rd in late August. Are any bans going to be in place that might restrict travel at that time based on what we know today? I have heard many villages are shut down to nonresident travel.
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    New Mexico Unit 24

    Drew the January archery tag. Would like to privately discuss this hunt with someone who has experienced it. Curious about weather, rut timing, and recent numbers and quality.
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    Old bows vs new

    Guys, I struggle with this every offseason. I currently hunt with a 13 yr old bow and am tempted to buy a newer bow every year. The problem is, I honestly don't see enough difference between the bow I shoot and the newest models on the showroom floor to justify the massive investment (actually...
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    Fly-in vs. haul road

    First I would like to say hello to all the caribou chasers - I am a regular on the elk and classified threads but this will be my first time chasing caribou. Also, I'm about to ask some questions that have been asked on here before but I enjoy refreshing discussions as trends change quickly in...
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    Greys River Questions

    Hunting this area for archery elk. I know the country decent and have hunted it before. Would like to have a private conversation with someone that lives near here or keeps up with this area. Already talked to GWs and Bios.