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    What time of day are most of your shots on Elk?

    Out of curiosity, what time of day have you shot elk? Are most of your shots at dusk or dawn in low light conditions, or are they at other times of the day when there is plenty of light out?
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    Kenetrek Gaiter $30.32

    Thanks. Just grabbed a pair. I’ve been meaning to get these for a while.
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    4 Bears, One Trip!!!

    Great story and hunt. Congrats!
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    7-08 for lefties

    I’ve been thinking about a left hand x-bolt micro midas 7mm-08. They have a 20 inch barrel and the stock can be swapped out for a longer LOP if desired.
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    Tract Outlet

    I don’t know much about Tract. Do they make a quality product with good glass?
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    Swarovski EL 10x42 $490 off plus another 12% off with AJ.

    Definitely interested in this deal! Thanks for posting! AJ is Active Junky. The site gives you cash back on purchases from select vendors. Here's the link if you are interested in checking it out.
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    Painting a stock

    Good to know. Thank you!
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    Painting a stock

    I like the pattern on this Savage UL. Did you tape off the rubber panels on the grip and forend or did you remove them (assuming you can) and apply them back after everything was painted?
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    Exo vs mystery ranch?

    Last year I bought an EXO 4800, then a few days later I was able to get a MR Metcalf new for about $320 (sale+promo codes+Active Junky). I thought at such a deep discount on the MR I was for sure going to take advantage of EXO’s money back guarantee and send it back, which would have saved me...
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    Florida pythons: Wanted dead, not alive, right?

    Ive was down in south Florida when the state put on one of the python round ups or hunts several years ago. The guy who either won the event or came in second was staying at my camp site. He showed me all that he caught that day. If I recall it was about nine pythons he had in coolers and all...
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    Whose been scoped?

    I don’t have a good story, but definitely had it happen to me the first time I shot my R700 in 30-06. Then the next time I was at the range my brother did the same thing with it.
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    Anyone Used the Mystery Ranch Back Strap?

    I don't think that the back strap would have any issues holding a 45 lb plate.Its got a couple of straps on the side to make sure it doesn't slip off the side. Just want to make sure you have it secured well.
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    Exo Blemish Sale: $100 Off Packs, $50 Off Bags

    I don’t think any game are going to notice the blemish. I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have one of their packs.
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    What never leaves your pack

    Good to know. Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain this.
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    What never leaves your pack

    I saw a post or two about always having zip ties in a pack. This may be a dumb question, but could large zip ties be used as a makeshift tourniquet if necessary?
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    DIY Budget Pre-Fit Custom

    Great job! I I’ve never considered doing a DIY custom rifle buIld with a prefit, but now I may explore this. I also appreciate the part about what you would do differently if doing it over again. Good to know.
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    Kill marks on a rifle?

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    Kill marks on a rifle?

    That’s probably the best idea yet. It doesn’t deface the stock and provides more details about how it was acquired, where it’s been, and the game it’s shot.
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    What is your every day carry knife and why? Does nostalgia supersede function?

    I only been carrying an EDC knife for about 3-4 years now. 90% of the time it’s been a Kershaw Shuffle and I chose that because it has a bottle opener on the end. However, I don’t crack open too many long necks these days so that doesn’t get much use. The thumb stud fell off a year or two ago...
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    Kill marks on a rifle?

    That’s a good problem to have.

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