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  1. StevenSkins

    WTB WTB: Leupold 12-40x60 HD spotting scope

    Just posted one for sale if you’re still looking
  2. StevenSkins

    Sold Leupold 12-40 x 60 HD Spotting Scope

    Leupold 12-40 x 60 HD Spotting Scope for sale. Used only one season. It’s a great lightweight backpacking Spotter. In Excellent condition with stay on protective cover. The only reason I’m parting with it is I would like more power for my Desert Sheep hunt. $975 . PayPal
  3. StevenSkins

    Solid color hunting pants / work pants

    I’m gonna have to give the wranglers a try. Thanks for all the info
  4. StevenSkins

    New Maven Binoculars B1.2 and B6

    Of course. Weeks after I just bought a pair of B1’s. I have no complaints on them though.
  5. StevenSkins

    WTB: Leupold 12-40x60 HD spotting scope kit

    I have one I’m selling. I haven’t been a member for 7 days so I can’t post it for sale on here yet
  6. StevenSkins

    300 wsm powders, what’s good?

    I’ve had good luck with imr 4451 and Berger 185 vld. Testing it with the Berger 205 elites right now
  7. StevenSkins

    Let’s talk underwear

    Exofficio give and go boxer briefs
  8. StevenSkins

    Vacuum bags vs butcher paper

    My butcher swears by wrapping in plastic wrap then two layers of butcher paper.
  9. StevenSkins

    Optic combos for Western Hunting?

    I think it’s nice to have options. Depending on the hunt. I hunted Coues deer for a while with just a pair of kaibab 15’s. I could hang with guys with Swarovski 15’s but started to notice the difference when looking into the sun and low light. Then I added a leupold gold ring spotter for...
  10. StevenSkins

    My 300 WSM AKA (THE PUG)

    Looks pretty cool. I’m curious about the velocity you are able to get.
  11. StevenSkins

    Another swaro ats 65 or kowa 77 question

    Great points, thanks for the feedback
  12. StevenSkins

    Another swaro ats 65 or kowa 77 question

    Thank you. Much appreciated
  13. StevenSkins

    Another swaro ats 65 or kowa 77 question

    A lot more day hunts hiking in than backpacking. I currently use my leupold 60mm gold ring hd for verification and hitting those shady spots under bushes. Thanks for making me think more
  14. StevenSkins

    Another swaro ats 65 or kowa 77 question

    I have a similar decision to make. I’m a Coues deer Hunter and am used to hunting from my pack. I got drawn for desert sheep this year and need a new spotter. I can’t decide whether to get the 65 sts for the weight savings in the long haul or get the Kowa 77 for this hunt. Any suggestions?
  15. StevenSkins

    Which bino's

    I’m a big fan of the Maven B1’s for that price.
  16. StevenSkins

    Best backcountry spotting scope

    I really like my Leupold 12-40 x60 hd spotter. Fits in my pack and just the right amount of power.