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  1. Snagletoothtiger

    Access Questions: Idaho Unit 15, late May?

    Anyone with any experience in unit 15 for black bear in the end of May? My buddies and I are seeing decent areas to glass but curious if any of it will be accessible. Forest service said north of hwy 14 will probably be accessible first. It’s tough to tell what forest roads are still open...
  2. Snagletoothtiger

    WTS Brand New KUIU Guide All-Season Jacket VERDE Size: XXL

    I have a brand new (without tags) Guide Jacket in Verde Size: XXL Asking $185 TYD in the lower 48 I bought it on Black Friday, tried it on, never worn outside. I'm thinking I want to go with the Axis Hybrid instead. Just putting out some feelers while the Axis is on sale this weekend.
  3. Snagletoothtiger

    First Western Hunt: Layering Advice

    New to Rokslide but have learned a lot over the years from these forums. Piecing together gear for my first backcountry hunt 7+ days. Gearing this around a rifle season hunt in Idaho/Montana/Colorado and was hoping for feedback or suggestions on what I have so far. I tend to run hot so not too...
  4. Snagletoothtiger

    First Elk Hunt - 2022

    Hey all, I'm new to western hunting, grew up chasing whitetails (watching them from a stand) and shooting ducks in upstate NY. I'm looking to grab an OTC Idaho elk tag and applying for a general Montana Elk tag and applying in Wyoming as well. Most of my hunting buddies are back East so it might...
  5. Snagletoothtiger

    New guy in Washington, grew up hunting in Upstate NY

    Hey there, new guy in Washington. Looking to do my first true backcountry hunt next year, putting together the gear I’ll need piece by piece. love Rokslide and have learned a lot from these forums over the years.

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