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    Holster recommendations

    I run a Dara brand hip holster for both of my mountain carry weapons (Glock 40/41) which rides lower than my packs waist straps. Pretty good quality and affordable. A chest rig is also a great route
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    NG to the forum here in WY

    Where in Wyoming? I was through the east side of the state recently looking for prairie dog towns on public land
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    Prairie dog rifle

    My prairie dog rifle is a Savage model 12 in 223 with a bull 26" 1:9 twist barrel. I had a custom stock made for it. About to upgrade the scope. I handload a 60 grain V-max H335 load for it. It works really well. As its been mentioned, the 223 is a big go-to for prairie dogs. The biggest part...
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    Vortex Razor LHT Throw Lever

    sorry to hear that. I have them on a few of my scopes and never had an issue with any of them
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    Vortex Razor LHT Throw Lever

    +1 for MK Machining. solid product and great customer service
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    Hunting Rifles With Threaded Barrels?

    I had a QD Gemtech and the other 3 cans I have are direct thread. I don't find any benefits to the QD and the mounts are $$$. I prefer to keep it simple. Never had issues cross threading so long as all the thread pitches match. Keep the threads clean and you should never have a problem
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    Hunting Rifles With Threaded Barrels?

    @robtattoo has the same Savage 110 Hog Hunter 308 I use. I also run a Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range in 300WM. Both of them I use a direct thread Sandman TI can. I specifically sought them out for the threaded barrels. The 20" 308 is somewhat light and faster handling than the 26" 300WM. They...
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    supressor cleaning

    @Sam Colt is right. I clean my rimfire can with a method called "the dip." Its not an eco-friendly manner of cleaning but it eats all the lead off without harming the baffles. Google the specific procedures. I then bake my baffles at 250 degrees for 10 minutes and then soak them in 100% silicone...
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    WTS/WTT Colorado components WTT/WTS

    You have a spare couch? :'D
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    7mm Rem Mag in 150gr ballistic tip. Enough for 400yd elk?

    Just throwing out this bit of field experience. I was with a guy who was using 150 SP out of a 7mm RM this last fall. He connected a round (his last bullet mind you) on very small muley doe at 444 yards. It was so small, he packed it out whole after field dressing. The bullet entered in front of...
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    Camp Coffee

    I make my camp coffee the same way I make it at home- paper filter, cone, boiling water straight into my thermos. No cream or sugar, just coffee. Last year I forgot my cone and just went without... I kinda like the GSI thing ^ where did you find that @Cant hit em ?
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    Leg holster

    I wear a G40 MOS or G41 on custom kydex rig that rides low enough on my hip that it does not interfere with my pack's waist straps or my draw. Its sufficient, I always find drop leg holsters ride too low and some rattle. If you want it on your hip, a low ride holster is the way to go- Safariland...
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    WTS/WTT Colorado components WTT/WTS

    Sent my wife to Scheels to get two boxes of 3" Winchester XR #5 turkey loads. She came back with two boxes of 3.5" and I can't shoot these. Either I buy a new gun or someone can shoot me an offer- cash or trade for the 3" version. I think they were $55 off the shelf. In Arvada, but in Littleton...
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    Sold Pellet Grill (Colorado)

    I own, use, and dislike my Camp Chef. It came at the right price but the app is terrible. My buddy likes his Traeger Silverton he got at Costco.
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    Best Rings Under $100?

    Call me basic and cheap but I have been really satisfied with SWFA rings off Amazon for like $38...
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    Best modern scope with retro flair

    following for similar purpose
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    What’s your go to hunting accuracy load for 308 win?

    I have a 20" Savage 110 Hog Hunter I use for general purpose shooting and deer. The 150gr SST with 41.6gr 4895 shoots lights out at every distance I have shot it. This hunting season I used a 180gr Hornady Interlock with 41.0gr 4895. Only needed one. Remington 9.5 LR primers because that is what...
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    22lr pistol

    +1 for the Ruger Mk series. I have a 22/45 Lite I love and its always been reliable
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    Berger 215 Velocity Question | H1000 - 300 WM

    FWIW, I am getting 2950fps out of a suppressed 26" browning X-Bolt loaded with a 212gr bullet and 76.1gr H1000... about 4500' above sea level
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    Duck gun

    I have used both 870's and A300's. I have nothing bad to say about the Beretta and would encourage anyone looking to go that route. The A300 Ultima was sub $700 shipped from

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