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  1. J

    WTB Swarovski 15x56 slc

    Looking for a well loved pair of the newer style SLC 15x56 Not too picky few light scratches on the lens would be ok, dont care about the factory box or warranty card just a working pair of binos.
  2. J

    simple cell phone holder?

    Anyone have a clever way to take nice grip n grins with a cell phone. Whats everyone using? I carry around a little Jelly Fish cell phone holder/clamp usually prop my phone up with sticks or rocks. There are a few tiny tripods on Amazon but most seem cheesy, really just need 3 legs and a...
  3. J

    Poor arrow flight

    Bow: BTX31, 70#, 28.8", Hamskea rest, 300 spine 28" day six arrows Last year I had a pro shop restring the bow with premium strings, after my second tuning I shot bullet holes in paper with fletched and bare shaft (at the shop) However on longer shots I notice corkscrewing arrow flight. This...
  4. J

    Brown Meat

    When I was younger I pride myself in getting animals out whole. Getting older and more modern back packs its just easier to bone out in the field. The problem is more surface area for the meat to turn brown from oxygen and just in general more dirty. What do you guys do with your brown meat...
  5. J

    Liver in grind?

    I cant stand liver but there's no doubt its nutritional value. Anyone ever mix liver in with their grind?
  6. J

    Arrow building newb

    I wanted to bump up my weight a little. So I bought some Daysix arrows and my god are they durable. Ive beat the shit out of them! However i'm around 550gn and would like to be closer to 450-500gn. I want a little lighter GPI shafts is there any that compare to the Daysix durability? I know...
  7. J

    Hunting health foods, whats in your truck/pack?

    Trying to eat healthier during hunting season. Im pretty good throughout the year but fall short with long archery elk hunting days. Looking for lower carb, nutrition rich food ideas? Im divorced kids are grown not much cooking or food dehydrating going on these days. So far ive ordered bulk...
  8. J

    Bow tuning questions

    I dont mind paying a pro shop but I would like to learn to tune my bow better. I just added a Hamskea rest and Spot Hogg sight. Trying to work through paper tuning issues. Bowtech BTX-31 70# 28.5" 300 spine arrow (paper tuning with 125 point) Im getting a nock high tear with a bare shaft...
  9. J

    Help with bow accessories and setup

    Alight i'm an experienced elk hunter but last year was my first go at archery elk. Im hooked! I set up a Bowtech with basic stuff but im looking to improve on a few things. One upgrade I need is a rest but im having a hard time finding a rest with these options. Full containment Cockable...

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