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  1. BackcountryBull

    KUIU Facebook Photo Contest For A Coues Deer Hunt

    Sorry to bug everyone...but as most of you know...bowhunting is a huge part of my life. I have an opportunity of a lifetime to go on an all expense paid hunt through a photo contest that I was chosen for. Out of thousands of photo submissions, 12 were chosen to be in an Eastmans' magazine...
  2. BackcountryBull

    My 2012 Turkey Bowhunt Photo Essay

    Thought I'd share a few photos of my 2012 turkey bowhunt. I have been searching a long time the past few months to lock up some land to hunt finally happened a week ago right after the season opened in Montana. Gained access, belly crawled out to a field edge to scout and put the...
  3. BackcountryBull

    103 yard, 3 shot group bowhunting practice video

    Thought I'd share a recent video I took of myself shooting a 103 yard, 3 shot group on Sunday. Once again...with proper equipment, proper tuning and proper form/practice regimen you will produce consistent long range performance. Practicing this far ensures my bow and arrow setup are dead on. As...

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