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  1. thrash907

    Lightweight Mountain Rifle Help

    Hey all, I'm looking for some other opinions on purchasing my second hunting rifle, the first of which is a .300 wm Fierce Fury. Back in 2017-18 I had done some research and planned on picking up a Barrett Fieldcraft, but now that I'm ready to buy it looks those have been discontinued...
  2. thrash907

    WTS WTS Crispi Briksdal SF GTX Size 44 / 10.5 Bomber sheep/goat hunting boots. Just picked up a few days ago and wore them around the house for a handful of hours but they aren't the right fit for my feet. Boots are super clean and basically brand new. Let me know if you want more pictures. $340...
  3. thrash907

    MR Pintler Rolltop/Fly Question

    Quick question for folks that have experience using the Pintler with a 40L rolltop and overload feature. What pack fly size would you recommend? Looks like the size small fly wouldn't fit over the 40L rolltop. Thoughts?
  4. thrash907

    Dall Sheep Spotting Scope & Camera

    Hey all, Just wrapped up my 2019 hunting season and came to the conclusion that I want to pick up a spotting scope and camera for next year. I'll primarily be using them for hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska and my main method of transportation from the road system will be hiking, so weight is...
  5. thrash907

    New Bino Help ~$800-1k

    Hey all, First time posting here. I've read some of the other bino threads, but it seems like there's a few other options that have popped up recently. Based on the recommendations here, I've narrowed down my options to the following: 1. Nikon Monarch HG 10x42 2. Meopta Meostar HD 10x42 3...

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