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    WTS Manfrotto Tripod 715SHB

    FS - Manfrotto Tripod 715SHB Nice Tripod In Great Condition Asking $75
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    WTS Badlands High Uintas Vest XXL New With Tags

    As Stated above, I have a Badlands High Uintas Vest. It's a XXL and it's new with tags. Looking to get $70 for it. Great vest and pattern I just have no use for it.
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    WTS Havalon Piranta

    PM Sent
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    WTB WTB Kuiu 3200 Or 5200 Bag Only

    As title Says, Looking For A 3200 Or A 5200 Bag Only. Shoot me a message if you have one.
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    WTS FS Mystery Ranch CrewCab bag only

    What would that price be? If its an interest generating price, perhaps
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    Wyoming’s Wilderness Area Nonresident Restrictions

    I think Ralphie just needed a post or two to buy something on classifieds. WOW we got into case law, politics and privilege, Civics classes....I don't think its been called that since the abacus was used by in China. Oh there was also Idaho vs Wyoming and my dad and beat up you Dad bla bla bla...
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    Wyoming’s Wilderness Area Nonresident Restrictions

    God Bless Wyoming and Keep it Wild. Later All, Hunting Cow Elk Tomorrow And Need To Pack.
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    Wyoming’s Wilderness Area Nonresident Restrictions

    Gordon is pro-wildlife. Investing millions in migratory studies and protecting migration routes. My opinion is to him less is more and I don't disagree. Sometimes fair isn't always equal and in this case allowing less people in the wilderness is allowing those herds to be stable. I don't...
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    Wyoming’s Wilderness Area Nonresident Restrictions

    You more than Welcome to change addresses. Better yet try and get more Non-Residents fired up, grab your pitch forks and boycott Wyoming all together. I'm sure that lack of revenue will cause our great state to reconsider how to manage lands.....not. If it bothered you that bad I'm sure there...
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    Need help with range spotting scope

    A "range" scope for $1k, damn thing better spot my rifle for me. I guess if you have that type of disposable income go for it but Good God that is a great budget for a "Range" scope. This hunting thing sure does get out of hand on the $ side of things. Sorry for my reaction but I damn near...
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    Access Through Landowners

    No need for private land in a Wyoming Antelope hunt, wouldn't even look on the list. There are plenty of goats in just about any unit. If your looking to hunt antelope, don't over think it, just go and do it. You will get 10,000 opinions on RS ranging anywhere from clothing to optics and...
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    Access Through Landowners

    Contact them early. Kinda hit and miss on whether or not they grant permission which is better than no permission at all.
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    wyoming general questions

    Oct 1 is a good guesstimate. Some opened late September (25th) this year. 3 days is plenty of time for an antelope hunt. In 3 days you will have many stalks and see a lot of bucks.
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    30/30 value

    i have a Winchester model 94 that i never use but for some odd reason would never part with, why is that? Seems like an heirloom but i'm not sure it really is, following this thread.
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    Black Bear sidearm?

    Thats crazy.
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    onX hunt inaccurate property lines

    What is due diligence in you opinion? Using existing maps created with information from county tax assessors office seems to be due diligence. What charges would you file? There is no intent to make the charge anything more that a time waster. Intent must be involved for there to be "Charge"...
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    Wyoming vs. Colorado

    We're plenty friendly in Wyoming. Gladly accept your money and show you the way to some other place. We also make the decision to buy a tag here or there very easy for you by making our regulations slightly confusing. And lastly we save you money by removing OTC tags for non-residents that...