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  1. Ucsdryder

    WTT Varget in Denver

    Unopened varget, 8lb jug. Would like to trade for primers, small or large rifle. Could use some 7.5, 210m, br4, or possibly others. Would sell but would prefer a trade.
  2. Ucsdryder


    This is new. I accidentally ordered it and just want to break out of it. $48 shipped in the lower 48. PayPal friends please.
  3. Ucsdryder

    Friday funnies…

    I got a chuckle, hope you guys do too! 😂 ***do not open if you don’t like bad words***
  4. Ucsdryder

    Whose been scoped?

    I’ve whacked myself a couple times over the years but never anything more than the scope touching my eyebrow. Anybody got a good story?
  5. Ucsdryder

    Thoughts on this string?

    New string…never shot. Snip, wax and shoot or replace immediately?
  6. Ucsdryder

    WTB On X yearly membership

    Usually I see them on camofire, I haven’t seen one lately. Has anybody seen them posted up?
  7. Ucsdryder


    I bought a CTR barreled action and am going with the standard bottom metal because my stock is inletted for it! The magazines are 10 rounders. The bottom metal and magazine are duracoated in midnight bronze and they’re sexy as can be! Condition is excellent, looks almost new! The second...
  8. Ucsdryder

    Crush washer?

    Of course I can’t find my crush washers. I want to put my thunderbeast CB brake on a new rifle. Also, now I can’t remember, I THINK I put some loc-tite on the threads, but I’m not sure.
  9. Ucsdryder

    WTB Hamskea Trinity

    Anybody have one they’re thinking about selling? Please shoot me a PM. Right handed please.
  10. Ucsdryder

    WTB Tikka extra low Talley rings

    Anybody have a set they’d sell? I believe it’s product 720714. Tikka Talley extra low 30mm rings.
  11. Ucsdryder

    WTB Tikka factory parts

    Anybody have a factory bottom PLASTIC sitting around they’d make me a good deal on? Bought a ctr and want both options. Could also use action screws!!
  12. Ucsdryder

    WTS Spartan m-lok bipod adapter

    50 shipped.
  13. Ucsdryder

    WTS Spartan Precision Javelin Pro

    Excellent condition with the adjustable legs. Comes with universal mount, rubber washers to ensure fit and screws. Sell for $215 shipped PayPal Friends and Family. Will include an m-lok adapter for additional $45.
  14. Ucsdryder

    WTS Cabelas Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

    I’ve had this for a couple years. I used it to process an elk and a deer. Works great and condition is in 98% of new. All of instructions and accessories are in the box! Retails for 129.99 at cabelas. Will sell for 90 face to face in the Thornton area. No shipping.
  15. Ucsdryder

    WTS Hodgdon Powder North Denver

    ***updated pricing and quantities on last post*** Thinning the herd to gather some funds for a gun for the kids. H4350 - 8lb unopened $500 Retumbo - (10lb total) 5lb $325, 10lb $625 H1000 - 5lb $325, 8lb $500 all for $800 Trades…tikka non magnum bolt, either a full rifle, barreled...
  16. Ucsdryder

    Sold H1000

  17. Ucsdryder

    WTS Mountain Tactical Gen 2 Long Action Tikka Mag

    This is the gen 2 version, Long Action, with the upgraded spring and the decreased weight over the gen 1. I took it out of the package and fed some rounds through it to confirm it would feed reliably in my 7saum tikka. It does. I am going to call it used, in like new condition. Asking 65...
  18. Ucsdryder

    WTB Cheap, lightweight ball head

    Anybody have a ball head that they aren’t using? i have a va-5 to use with my tripod, but looking for something lightweight to use for my binos only. Needs to be as light as possible, be able to support a pair of 10x42 binos…nothing fancy!
  19. Ucsdryder

    WTS Benchmade Hidden Canyon

    Used on 2 elk then sharpened at Rocky Mountain specialty gear by Tom Clum. Scary sharp. No damage, great shape. $120
  20. Ucsdryder

    Gas and inflation impacting your fall?

    With 200 dollar barrels of oil now seeming inevitable and inflation only getting worse, I’m curious how this will impact western hunting or out of state hunting in general. I’m already not looking forward to the fuel costs this fall and I’m just a couple hours away from my units...