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    What Press do you all use

    EZ green as well.
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    Boots chewing back of heels

    I have the same issue and the best boot I've found was the Lathrop and sons.
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    Anyone else get a new pup this year?

    Yeah man, I got a Small Munsterlander back in April. Just did his NAVHDA NA test last week. Great little dog.
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    Fly or drive?

    I always drive with a chest freezer in the bed of my truck. Get the meat nice and frozen for the drive back and plug in for a bit here and there if you need to. Good luck!
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    Wolf Hunting Tips

    Hey guys, Wolf season opens for me here in Wyoming on the 1st. This will be a first but I can hunt for about a month. Could you share any tips you have to hunt them. I fortunately have an elk feed ground across the street and the wolves are active in there everyone in a while so I know they are...
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    Sweaty feet options

    Anti-perspirant is the way to go.
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    Thumb Release Suggestions

    Ive tried a few but settled on the Stan Perfex long neck. I have the thumb and back tension setup for two fingers.
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    Rokslide Welcome Raffle!

    Fly rod for me. Thanks for doing this.
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    New Career. What would you do?

    Everyone, thank you all very much. This thread has definitely given me some things to look into and considerations. My personal issue is that for the last 5 years I have done what I loved, however it has become a chore and sucked the life out of the sport for me. Front Line Freediving is the...
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    New Career. What would you do?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a change in my life and I figure this may be a great resource to get your thoughts. I'm 30 and I've been running my own dive business since 2015 and prior to that I was in the Marines. I've decided to sell my half of the business and look for some new opportunities. I...
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    Seeking info on outfitters in NW Wyoming

    I've hunted with Spotted Horse Ranch and had a great experience. Tagged out every time and the food was fantastic.
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    Tourniquet Recommendations

    Man I would take a hard look at OMNA Tqs. For that we do it may be a better TQ. It has better materials and is designed for a marine environment.. I use them on my weight belt diving and they hold up great to sun and salt.
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    Favorite Podcast

    The History Of Rome. Its a chronological story of the Roman Empire. 178 Amazing episodes. Revolutions. Goes through the big revolutions the world had endure in the last few hundred year. Dan Carlins Hardcore History Dan Carlins Adendum.
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    Hoyt helix ultra! Stabilizer?

    I just picked up a titanium archery products front and back bar. Im pretty happy with it.
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    Iron Will Wide Broadheads

    I picked a few up and I have to say they are awesome. Shot them out to 50 with a light cross wind and they hit with the standard IW heads I have.
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    Wide Pac Boot?

    Thanks guys. Ill give Hoffmans a try
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    Wide Pac Boot?

    I have a wider foot and was curious if any pac boots fit wider than the others. Appreciate the help.
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    What's your arrow setup? 2019/2020

    Axis 260s 75gr brass insert 125gr Iron Will 4in Arrow Wrap 4 Fletch AAE Max stealth. 28.5" carbon to carbon 580 gr
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    2019 Best Bull Elk Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kifaru

    My first archery hunt ended success.
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    WTS Vortex Razor HD2 4.5-27x56 Mil Mil

    Selling this scope as my needs have changed. It in great condition. I still have the original box and all the accessories and paper work. Shoot me a text for more info and photos. Thanks for looking $1700 Shipped in the lower 48

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