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    onX elite vs gohunt insider

    I'm looking to purchase one of these. I have had onx before but am thinking about doing the elite subscription to get the draw odds and stuff that toprut offers. I have also heard good things about gohunt and their draw odds system BUT I have never used their mapping software on mobile. How does...
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    People flaking on you?

    Anyone else have issues with people flaking on you when you plan a hunting trip? It gets really discouraging and I've had it happen more than once. You plan a hunting trip with someone and they seem genuinely excited to go. You plan it, everyone gets time off work and then the week before you...
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    3D maps for Android?

    I have tried onx, basemap and gaia and it seems that none of them have 3d maps for Android but do have them for iPhone. Is there a hunting app with maps that are available in 3D on android?