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    PNW Traditions G4 Ultralight Loads

    I have tried a handful of load combinations with limited success. The goal is a 150-200 yard Oregon legal muzzleloader. I have tried Thor's and TC maxi-hunter. So far I have just used Goex FFG powder. The maxi-hunter was closer than the Thor but still pretty far off from my goal. Wondering...
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    UT Oquirrh Stansbury Late Muzzleloader

    I drew the late muzzleloader general season tag Nov. 3-11 for the Oquirrh-Stansbury unit. My dad and I rifle-hunted this unit on horseback when I was a kid. This was about 20 years ago and much has changed as far as mule deer and fire activity goes. The biggest buck I have still ever seen to...
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    Lessons Learned: Complete Arrow Failure on Elk

    Here is my 2021 elk story warts and all. Hoping someone can learn from this. The good. I harvested my first archery bull. The bad, I hit another bull and the arrow setup failed for a second time on the second bull. First my setup: Bow: Hoyt carbon defiant 70lbs Arrow: 330 spine easton hexx...