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    First Lite off of Guidefitter?

    I believe they are still on Expert Voice?
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    Kifaru belt on Mystery Ranch popup 28?

    Great, thanks for the response! The height of the Kifaru belt is so much more comfortable than the stock belt on the PU28.
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    Kifaru belt on Mystery Ranch popup 28?

    Has anyone swapped belts on a Popup 28 for a Kifaru Duplex belt?
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    Sold Kifaru Stryker

    Interested in pics, also curious about what you didn't like about it? Currently have an Argali and interested in downsizing for day trips.
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    WTS Vortex Razor HD 10x42

    PM sent
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    Sitka Timberline pants, how "waterproof" are yours?

    Only the knees and butt are waterproof, I think the whole pant is DWR treated though
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    Stika cloudburst or thunderhead jacket

    Thunderhead appears to be same as the Downpour and while it's great for whitetail, I wouldn't want to hike up a mountain in it! Fairly heavy and not enough ventilation. Great for still hunting whitetail!
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    Bino harness question

    Ditch all the lens covers. I would recommend using a safety strap from the harness to the bino's. Last year I forgot to secure my lid and bino's fell out while dragging a buddies mule deer out of a snag on a hillside. Thankfully Zeiss has an amazing warrantee!
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    QAD Exodus DEEP SIX 100gr broadheads

    QAD Exodus 100grain full blades with pack of replacement blades. Broadheads have never been shot but are out of package, I stored them in a broadhead case. Decided to shoot WASP this season. These are the DEEP SIX version (NOT standard thread) Looking for $35 TYD for broadheads and extra...
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    Tommy Hogg Single Pin $130 TYD

    Tommy Hogg Single Pin $115 TYD Used Tommy Hogg Single Pin in great shape. Comes with tapes! $115 TYD via Paypal in the lower 48 Mike (978) 729-4690
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    Double bow case

    Looks awesome - how heavy?
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    Last night at home........

    25 days here!
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    Havalon piranta too small for elk?

    Forgot to mention that the rounded-tip blades for the Havalon are awesome for caping!
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    Havalon piranta too small for elk?

    I pack 4 extra blades per animal, and keep 4 extras in the truck. Last year was my first time doing a full butcher job with the Piranta and I broke 2 blades. Echo what everyone said - keep the side pressure to a minimum and if you break a blade, find it and carefully remove it - not something...
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    DOPE/drop chart data.

    I have an index card taped to side of stock with clear packing tape on my muzzleloader/rifles with the info you mentioned - scope magnification and hash mark distances, usually for 2X,4X,7X (I'm a fan of 2-7 power scopes in New England!)
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    Can anyone recommend a good sleeping bag for 200 or less

    Love my Northface Cats Meow! Great bag into the mid 20's
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    Whitetail stand cold weather bibs

    If you're not walking far to the stand, the Cabelas stand hunter extreme are incredibly warm but too warm for anything above the low 20s or so (for me anyways). I use the Sitka Fanatic for 40s down to low teens and works awesome, much lighter weight as well. If you go the Cabelas route keep an...

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