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  1. Ekendust

    Idaho Unit 49

    Yea, I've heard several times that this Unit can be kind of busy, especially early in the season. Although I wish it wasn't the case I'm not overly disappointed. This is our first western style hunt so at least if I don't get something, I can blame the crowd and not my inexperience lol. I think...
  2. Ekendust

    Idaho Unit 49

    Thank you so much, I do have questions about tents too but, since this is my first go around I'm using a four season tent I already have from my Mountaineering days. A bit heavy and doesn't have a spot for a stove but I know itll work and I figure after this one I'll have a much better Idea of...
  3. Ekendust

    Mule Deer Populations on the Decline? By Dr. Michael Street

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. Even though I sadly don't get a chance to use my degree very much, I have a degree in Wildlife Ecology so this is the stuff that makes me tick! haha.
  4. Ekendust

    Mule Deer Populations on the Decline? By Dr. Michael Street

    Hey all Thank you so much for sharing this article. I'm a new member on this forum and a complete novice Mule deer hunter. I thought the article was incredibly well done, but it did leave me with a few questions that the cited articles didn't quite answer (at least that I saw). 1) Does anyone...
  5. Ekendust


    Awesome! Congrats!
  6. Ekendust

    Kifaru Reckoning Vs Exo k3 4800

    Just curious if a decision was ever made and how they feel about it?
  7. Ekendust

    Flatlander in Florida, not Floridaman, but I Know a Guy d

    Hey qrpratt, I too am new to the forum and very impressed. I also live in Central Florida in Brevard. My friends and I drew an Idaho Mule deer tag for general firearm season. We're planning on flying out in mid-October and then renting a van or SUV to get us to a trail head. I was wondering if...
  8. Ekendust

    Idaho Unit 49 - Cow Elk

    Hey I've been reading over similar posts for this area. My friends and I are planning a 7 day muley hunt in that area this coming October. I was wondering how your hunt ended up and if you had any insights on water availability, road conditions to trail heads, etc. Thank you so much, I would PM...
  9. Ekendust

    Upcoming DIY Hunt Idaho Unit 49

    Hello all, I've been reading through everyone's responses and you guys seem really helpful and solid. I have posted on a few other similar posts. My friends and I are in virtually the same boat for this coming fall. I was hoping there might be an update on how the hunt ended up and if there are...
  10. Ekendust

    Idaho Unit 49

    Hello all, lukes scenario sounds almost identical to my own. I was kinda hoping for a follow up on how this hunt turned out? I would PM but, I'm too new haha. My friends and I drew the same tags for this coming fall, thinking about a mid October hunt for about 7 days which will include some...

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