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    WTS Swarovski EL Range 10x42

    new price $2250
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    WTS Swarovski EL Range 10x42

    One owner. Purchased new two seasons ago. I don't put a lot of days in the field so stored most of their life. Excellent condition. Little wear spot on hinge from putting in and taking out of bino harness. Can't justify having pricey glass when momma needs a new car. Not looking to trade...
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    Moose Sheep Goat MT HB390 tabled

    Montana's House Bill 390 make Moose/Sheep/Goat once-in-a-lifetime in Montana was just tabled by the House Fish and Game committee yesterday (March 14th). I personally think there are some issues with the bill.... mainly the exclusion of youth. Any strong positions one way or another?
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    MTN TOUGH Story

    Great story. I've heard guys are really liking MTNtough's platform.
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    Youth Clothing/Boots

    Salomon has a great boot if you still are in search of boots. I bought these for my kids, great for fall/winter. I also found a cheap pair of gators on amazon for $15 bucks for the winter months. Perfect for them 9 and 11yr old.
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    WTS Swarovski 3.5-18x44 BT 4W with Tally Tactical Rings

    Selling a used Z5 3.5x18-44 4W retical. with Tally tactical rings Selling package for $1100 - paid $1488 last year. Scope new I paid $1299.....List price is $1443 Rings new I paid $189.......List price is $210 This scope was used for one season. Was never dropped, never banged up. Nothing but...