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  1. wisco_archer

    Wyoming General - Tetons vs. Bridger NF

    4 of us are headed out in mid September and are finalizing our hunt plans. Our go to spots right now are in 90, 94 and 104. The country looks really good up in 68, 81, and 83 though. We usually backpack hunt in CO but that won’t be happening in bear country. 2 of us have hunted in bear country...
  2. wisco_archer

    7mm rem mag mule deer load

    Hey guys, was suggested the Hornady Superformance SST 162 grain last year by my local shop and it grouped well. Ended up shooting my buck at 100 yards behind the front shoulder and ended up throwing out the off side shoulder, ribs, and part of tenderloin because the bullet turned into shrapnel...
  3. wisco_archer

    Lightweight climbing stick and stand options?

    Gotten to the point where I'm sick of having to compromise what tree I am sitting in because of carrying a climber. It's legal to leave a lock on public land in Wisconsin now but there's no way I'm risking that. Weight and smaller footprint are way more important than comfort to me. I really...
  4. wisco_archer

    Kifaru in Wisconsin

    Is there anyone around the Green Bay or northeast Wisconsin area that has a pack I could try on before I decide to drop 700 on one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk