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  1. Finch

    Cabelas Space Rain pants and jacket on sale

    Jacket is now $66.97 (regularly $89.99) Pants are $51.97 in Octane (regularly $69.99)
  2. Finch

    Planning 3rd CO elk hunt - question about preference points

    So my buddy and I are planning our 3rd trip out west to chase elk with a bow. We both got our vacation picks in and are off from work Sept 17 until the end of that month. We've never hunted the 2nd half of the season and we are hoping it won't be as warm and that the elk will be more vocal...
  3. Finch

    Gander Outdoors & Camping World $20 gift cards (printable) -exp Sept 23rd

    Here's a link to a $20 Gander Outdoors gift card. Expires on Sept 23rd. I haven't tried it yet but plan to tomorrow. The code doesn't seem to apply to online items. Gander Outdoors - $20 Gift Card Camping World has one too Camping World Coupons, 20 Dollar Gift Card Landing Page - Camping World
  4. Finch

    Deal on Mountain House - Amazon

    Amazon: Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit Only $48 Shipped & More – Hip2Save Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Finch

    Superfeet green 11.5 - 13 mens size $25 amazon prime

    About as cheap as you'll find these. I've had a price watch on them forever. Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole, Green, x-Large F: 12.5+ US Womens / 11.5 - 13 US Mens Amazon.com: Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole, Green, x-Large F: 12.5+ US Womens / 11.5 - 13 US Mens: Shoes Sent from my...
  6. Finch

    Can I substitute my FL puffy as a rain jacket?

    Tried searching for an answer but came up with early posts right after the puffy was first released. Now that it has been out a while, does anyone use their puffy in place of a rain jacket? I'll be in CO the 2nd week of Sept and was trying to shave a little weight by leaving my Core4 rain...
  7. Finch

    Why can't I find Mountain House Chicken a la King pouches?

    So I've heard great things about this particular meal but no one carries it in the bag. It seems MH has discontinued the pouch version. If I bought a can, is there a way to preserve the remainder? I'm wanting to try it but not eat it for dinner every night of my 8 day hunt. What would I...
  8. Finch

    Dick's trail cam trade-in event

    You can get the Bushnell E3 for $99.98 and get an extra $30 off with a trade in of any condition. I traded an old as dirt non working cam in last year and got the $30 off. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Finch

    MSR miniworks EX filter (Prime day deal)

    Not sure if this is a great deal or not but once you add it to your cart and go to check out the total is $61.18 shipped. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Finch

    Shot a bareshaft at 40 yards...what does this mean?

    So i have an Elite E35 that I just put on new strings and cables a couple months back. The bow is in spec and I only had to make a minor adjustment to get the cams in synch. I feel like the bow is very well tuned. This morning I shot a quick group at 40 yards and all arrows hit inside the...
  11. Finch

    Hate to beat a dead horse here...OTC unit questions regarding stats

    I made a post a few months back questioning if my buddy and I should return to unit 15 (Colorado). We backpacked into the Sarvis Creek Wilderness area but unfortunately could not get into the elk. The general consensus in that post was that we should return since we are somewhat familiar with...
  12. Finch

    Another Amazon lightning deal for a lightweight camp chair (3 hrs left)

    A few months back I came across this chair for a deal of $30 on Amazon. I bought one and it's been great. Amazon.com : WildHorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Camp / Beach Chair (Supports 350 lbs) with TerraGrip Feet - Olive : Sports & Outdoors Well, this is a different brand but essentially...
  13. Finch

    Lightning deal (amazon) for light weight camp chair

    WildHorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Camp / Beach Chair (Supports 350 lbs) with TerraGrip Feet - Olive Amazon.com : WildHorn Outfitters Terralite Portable Camp / Beach Chair (Supports 350 lbs) with TerraGrip Feet - Olive : Sports & Outdoors Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Finch

    WTB: First Lite ASAT damaged shirt

    Maybe this is a dumb idea but my FL llano is way too short to stay tucked in. I was thinking about taking it to a seamstress to have a piece of fabric added so it can be tucked. Ideally I'd like it to be wool and ASAT pattern but any other pattern wouldn't be a deal breaker. Anyone have any FL...
  15. Finch

    Planning our 2nd CO elk hunt for 2017. What did we do wrong in 2015?

    My buddy and I's schedules work out for 2017 for another elk hunt. We have off from Sept 2nd - 14th so we'll spend a couple days driving and start our hunt on Sept 4th, Labor Day. We'll have a solid 8 days of hunting. We have already decided that we do NOT want to hunt Unit 15 in the Sarvis...
  16. Finch

    How come all my KUIU mail is already opened?

    I've never ordered anything from KUIU but somehow ended up on their mailing list. Maybe it was doing the golden ticket giveaway that I signed up. Anyway, I periodically receive catalogs from them and the seals are always broken. Does this happen to anyone else? Sent from my SCH-I545 using...
  17. Finch

    Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W DNA rangefinder DEAL

    Well this could potentially be a good deal, I'll let you guys know the final outcome. I'm getting a Leupold RX-1200i TBR/W DNA rangefinder shipped to my door for $292.50. These are $400 anywhere else. So here's the thing. I noticed this RF for $292.50 this weekend but didn't want to order...
  18. Finch

    Need help with choosing a new glove

    I know this topic comes up often but I just wanted some first hand experience. I have gone through a few pairs of the thin (probably considered "liner" gloves) from Under Armour. I'm no UA fanboy but I am a fan of their thin gloves especially with fleece on the side of the thumb for wiping my...
  19. Finch

    Does anyone have a $20 off Cabelas code

    Just curious if anyone has a $20 off cabelas code that they won't be using. I'd appreciate it.
  20. Finch

    WTS: Core4Element Torrent rain pants

    I have a set of Medium Core4 Torrent rain pants in Realtree. These are in great condition. I bought them last year from a fellow Rokslider but never wore them. They are a bit long on me - the inseam measures 32". I normally wear a 33 or 34 in the waist and these fit me fine there. Plus they...