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  1. Bmacofboise

    Kill Kits?

    Mystery ranch Zoid bag, Black Ovis quarter bags, zip ties, Havalon, Buck S-30v knife, sharpener, paracord.
  2. Bmacofboise

    Idaho Elk Hunt

    Are you talking Unit 19/20 Mackay Bar area? I’m interested, usually hunt 18 Riggins area but plan to buy an extra tag for that area.
  3. Bmacofboise

    What tires are you running?

    Falken Wildpeak on a Ram 2500 Diesel. Impressive for the price.
  4. Bmacofboise

    Boise FNG

    Welcome - Boise lurker here myself. Putting together a 3rd long range rifle - pm me if you plan to shoot this spring.
  5. Bmacofboise

    New used truck

    You mean Silveraydo!
  6. Bmacofboise

    Idaho Unit 18 Elk

    Anyone else on here applying for either regular tag or Snake River side only? My group that hunts there with me is disbanding. Looking for people that don't mind putting a few miles on...