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    300 Win Mag Brass

    What brass are you guys having good luck with for 300 win mag, and where are you getting it? I recently got a used Tikka and would like to find a accurate load so I need some brass. Thanks.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Awesome! I know it's quite a ways off, but good luck to both of you guys, and please update this thread with info that someone may not think of. The flying part has me a little worried, but driving just wasn't feasible.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    October this year?
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    October - 3 or 4 season tent?

    Second rifle 2017 we woke up about 4 am with 5 inches of fresh wet heavy snow on my cimarron. We pushed it all off, not sure if it would have completely collapsed the shelter or not, but it is something to consider.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Same as above!
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Awesome! Good luck and have a great trip! Please report back when you get done, and maybe give a heads up on things I might not think of!
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Thanks! What's everyone recommend for rain gear?
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    Newfoundland question thread

    I don't know that I had to, but it wasn't gonna happen in 2019, and I wanted to make sure we were all committed to go so that's just how it worked out. I would start calling places now, it's easy to keep saying "yeah lets do it sometime" then it ends up not happening.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Heading to NF in September 2020 for a hunt with Effords with my dad, and brother. Had a couple questions now, and I'm sure will have more as we get closer to time. My first is about air travel. I've read that Air Canada is not very hunter friendly as far as transporting firearms. Is there...
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    Effords experiences

    There was another thread in which Effords was mentioned and someone had a negative experience there on a moose hunt. I am booked with him for 2020, and was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience? In the "father son Newfoundland moose hunt" thread Mlax said he was heading there to...
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    Well I saw Steve Rinella's video in which he cooked and ate the testicle. I've never been timid of trying new foods so figured I'd try it. I killed a small buck the other night and I think I'll give it a go. Anyone done this before and have tips for preparation? If not I'll report back on...
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    Skre customer service

    Just wanted to give credit where it's due. I ordered a bunch of Skre stuff when it was on Camofire for a great deal. There was a couple of things I needed to exchange for a different size. I spoke with Mike from Skre, and he was actually out of the country. He still took the time to get me...
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    Need 30-06 load data

    Anyone have a good recipe for 30-06 using 165 gr. Accubonds over 4064? Thanks
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    Elk calls for a beginner

    What calls do you guys recommend to a beginner elk caller? I am decent with a diaphragm turkey call, though I'm sure it's very different. I have no idea where to start. Thanks
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    Cimarron moisture questions

    Howdy! I recently got a used Cimarron off of here, with the plan to use it in Co in October. I love the shelter and the amount of room you have for such a lightweight shelter. This is my first floorless, so this is all new to me. I set the Cimarron up the other day before a rainstorm so I...
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    Couple floorless questions

    Heading to CO for second rifle elk. I know the possibility for extreme shifts in weather, including the possibility for several inches/ft of snow. I've got a lot of the gear I need, but still need to nail down my shelter and sleep system. Having never used a floorless shelter my question is...
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    What kind of hunt for dad?

    Hey guys. I was hoping you could help me out figuring out a hunt to do with my dad. I'd love to take him on a DIY elk hunt, but I don't know how far he would be able to hike/ pack out if we had success. He mentioned a buffalo hunt, but this would be a "canned" high fence hunt which is really...
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    Denver area boot shopping

    Heading out to check out an area and camp next week. I still need good boots. Where is the best place with the widest variety of boots to check out while i'm out there? I have salomans but I'm looking for something more sturdy. I hate bying boots without being able to try them on so I...
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    CO Units 33 & 34 Access points

    Hey guys. Was hoping someone could tell me about the best way in to these two units. Not looking for specific area info just a starting point. I'm heading out for an OTC 2nd rifle season hunt, this will be my first western hunt of any kind. I'm going out in a little over a week to check...