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    Pellet Grill/smoker recommendations under $700ish

    No experience with any other brand as I'm on my first pellet grill, but I bought a Camp Chef XT24 3 or 4 months ago and love it. Use it quite a bit as a grill, but with the added jerky racks the space is equally as adequate as my smoker too. If you get them at a decent discount, I'd take a hard...
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    5oz apex quilt

    Looks good man. Getting ready to do the same with some 7.5oz apex now that it’s back in stock.
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    DIY Quilt Build

    Thanks. Definitely appreciate that!
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    DIY Quilt Build

    I'm leaning that way. Needing a new floorless shelter in the future intrigues me on getting into sewing my own stuff as well. Figure the quilt and maybe a couple pillows with the scraps would be a good starting point.
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    DIY Quilt Build

    Yep, that’s exactly the video I have saved to use as well. Super thorough and seems easy to follow. Just wrestling with whether I want to attempt it or spend the extra and buy one. Leaning towards the build at this point, but still looking for a little more info.
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    DIY Quilt Build

    All good. The more info, the better.
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    DIY Quilt Build

    Currently considering making my own quilt for a september archery elk hunt, but I'm still running through the logistics. Done a bunch of research on here and I can't seem to find the answer, so I apologize if I just missed it. I'm 6'3 and a stomach sleeper. Measure about 58" or so using EE's...
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    WTB nockon 2smooth

    Saw a few on Archerytalk today if you happen to be on there as well.
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    XL Fusion Kanab 2.0

    Used for one season. Well taken care of with no holes or visible fading. 77 TYD, PayPal preferred. PM with any questions.
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    HHA Single Pin Slider

    Looking to sell a used HHA single pin slider. I bought it used a few years ago, but never ended up putting it on a bow. Does have a small gouge on one of the screw heads and another on the body of the sight, but it still works as it should. Does not come with tapes, but I know you can get them...
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    NWT First Lite Llano QZ Fusion

    Looking to sell a brand new with tags FL Llano QZ in Fusion camo. Size Lg. Bought it last week, but ended up deciding to go with an XL instead. 90 TYD, or I'd be interested in trading for other FL items in an XL. Open to other trades as well, so just let me know what you have. PM me with any offers.
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    FS/FT Tenzing 1400 Pack & Scent Blocker Jacket MOBUI

    Looking to sell or trade my Tenzing 1400 pack and a Large Scent Blocker Jacket. Most interested in trades towards a multi-pin slider or First Lite items, but I'll entertain all offers. First is the Tenzing Pack. Bought brand new a few years ago for my video equipment. It was only used once or...
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    Western Daypack/Treestand Hauler

    Just discovered the forum today. What a resource. Spent a while looking through old threads trying to find some options that may answer my question. Anyways, I'm starting my search for a quality daypack. There's a few things I'm looking for. I'm from Michigan, so I generally don't even use/need...