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    Hill People Gear modular pack frame

    Looks like yet another choice to add to the confusion of pack buying. I really like what I see in HPG. I just wish this stuff wasn’t so expensive.
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    Which Bino harness and why....

    I have an AGC kiss pack. I like the full coverage, and the lack of magnets. Plus it doesn’t have an bunch of extra pockets. It is comfortable to wear as well. It would fit the 10’s but I don’t think it would fit the 12’s.
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    Starting from scratch

    Good wool pants and wool sweater. Look for army surplus. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right weight, but these will keep you warm and comfy and quiet.
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    Alaskan Guide Creation

    I keep 3 rounds in my agc kiss. All of my rifles have floor plates. May be time for a change, now that I think about it. All my rifles are heavy, blued steel and walnut.
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    Wide angle eyepiece for vanguard spotter

    I really enjoy using a fixed power wide angle eyepiece for glassing with a spotter. Something like a 30x. Vanguard doesn’t make one for their endeavour HD. Does anyone know if there are other wide angle eyepieces that would be compatible?
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    Hill People Gear

    I’ve heard many times that the HPG harness and prairie belt cannot be beat. I may even upgrade my molle frame with it. I’m their packs do look heavy though, and like most are quite spendy, especially ordering from Canada. A Ute pack and a Connor, looked about a $1000 to my door. Ouch.
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    Can anything beat a Razor HD spotter for the price??

    I have heard this from more and more people. Not sure if they changed anything with there lenses/glass. Also other companies seem to have stepped up and there are more options in the vortex lineups price points. Way more options in low to mid priced optics, so something for everyone’s eyes.
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    Cheapest Spotter That's Worth Carrying

    I also recommend the vanguard 65mm. I haven’t looked through a lot of 50mm spotters, but on the lower price point, they may not gather enough light and leave you wanting more. Then it won’t be worth packing around.
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    Kifaru native on molle frame?

    Looks exactly how I was thinking. After reading that thread, pretty sure I no where some of my bonus will be going this year. Although the price of a native and lid is the same as a woodsman. Hmmmmm, this is to much thinking.
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    Kifaru native on molle frame?

    I’ve got a molle frame and was thinking of using it with a day pack as sort of a compression panel of sorts. The native seems like it would work well, maybe paired with a guide lid. In theory it sounds like it would work well, wondering if anyone has done so? Or other packs to consider? I’ve got...
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    Do you keep a round in the chamber?

    If it’s in my hands there is one in the pipe, saftey on. Strapped to my back, climbing, technical terrain, with another person, chamber is empty but the gun is loaded. Also all my hunting rifles have a 3 position safety. Something I wish all manufacturers would have.
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    Forge 10x42

    The forge 10x42 felt really big and clunky when I held them. I found them kind of awkward to hold. The elite series fit my face and hands way better, plus I got a killer deal on them. The meopro will be better then the forge.
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    Low Cost Spotting Scope?

    I have the vanguard 65mm. Works for me. The quality of the glass seemed better to me then others in a similar price. Sometimes I wish I bought a 50mm scope. Seems kinda heavy packing it around some days.
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    Advice on hunting socks

    The Costco socks are the best value. It’s all I wear for work socks and early season. Once it gets cold I go for the wigwams.
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    Meat hauling day packs

    Hpg Ute, with the Connor pocket. If the Canadian doller didn’t suck so bad, I’d order on right now.
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    Montbell warranty/repair work

    That’s awesome. I’ve been eyeing some of their puffy jackets for next year. I had a similar experience with work boots today. Warranty just up. Pretty beat up looking. And the heel was starting to come off. Walked out with a new pair, took about 20minutes.
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    What are you using for boot care?

    I clean my boots the same way, but with out the kiwi stuff. I usually use Hubbard’s shoe grease. A lot of people swear by Obenaufs. Especially on good leather lined boots/shoes. Treat them inside and out.
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    Native/Sherman pocket as day pack setup?

    I’ve got a molle frame kicking around, and was considering getting a native and guide lid, and maybe a belt pouch or spotting scope pocket to stick on the back of the native. Thought it would make a decent setup for day hunts and what not. Maybe use the native as a compression panel to hold on a...
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    Low power variable scopes

    Looking for a scope for my new to me 336 in 35remington. Not sure what I want. I like the Leopold vx3 1.5-5, or maybe the freedom in 1.5-4. Not sure on the freedom lines quality though. Don’t now to much about other brands. I would like a 1x on he low end up to about 6. And I don’t want a...
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    50mm spotting scope options

    Looking at picking up a scope in the near future. Main use would be at the range, anywhere from 50-300metres, and hiking,scouting, and hunting deer and bears. Price is definitely an issue, Canadian roller sucks. Have been looking into the Minox md50 and the hawke endurance. Anyone have any...