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  1. Moserkr

    1996 XR400R for hunting

    My hunting buddy has a yamaha enduro bike and wanted a riding partner/buddy to go hunt with on bikes. When his neighbor was getting rid of the honda 400xr, he hit me up and asked it I want it. I said hell yea and picked it up. I dont know a whole lot about bikes, so Im looking for advice...
  2. Moserkr

    YOLO Bypass Youth Duck Hunt - Free Roam

    Some youth I know drew free roam at yolo bypass next weekend. Any advice for them? Stay mobile? Puddle jump? Sit over decoys? No decoys? Best general direction? Anything you got for them would be appreciated. Thanks. Without ever having gone myself, I have no clue what it looks like...
  3. Moserkr

    Adding down to sleeping pad

    Been looking at upgrading to a different sleep system for cold weather, which got me thinking. Has anyone ever added down to a sleeping PAD? My thought was make the poor man’s version of the exped downmat winter. I have an exped synmat hl mw, so what if I take their pump bag, add down to...
  4. Moserkr

    Garage Grown Gear Website - UL cottage companies in one place

    Found an interesting granola eater website that has a collection of ultralight gear, some of which Id never heard of before. Worth a look. Just ordered the toaks 550ml UL on sale, the sawyer filter to smart bottle adapter, and a dcf tent pole bag to replace...
  5. Moserkr

    2 Young Brothers need help elk hunting!

    Good evening everyone, Thanks for looking at helping some kids out with their first elk hunt. More on that below. But first, their backstory. I met these boys when I sold my old jon boat to them so they could go fishing and do some duck hunting. They worked around the neighborhood and paid...
  6. Moserkr

    Neighborhood Giants

    I know theres a lot of big bucks hanging out in people’s neighborhoods that will rarely be hunted. This thread is dedicated to them. Post a pic, new or old, of the legends we just get to see. Ill start with a new one who is apparently alive and well, somewhere near me in the neighborhood...
  7. Moserkr

    Poacher or not…. Thoughts?

    Pulled a trail cam last week that had been up for 1.5 years without being checked. With all the forest closures and its distance into the forest, it just wasnt possible to get to. Imagine my surprise that it had 14,961 photos and the cheap batteries were going strong lol. K… to the point. Do...
  8. Moserkr

    $20 off $150 Black Ovis

    GONE FAST!!! Close or delete thread. $20 off $150 at Black ovis. PM me for screen shot of code or I can forward you the email. First person gets it. Expires 9/26
  9. Moserkr

    Reintroduce Grizzlies into CA

    The animal activist buying tags thread got me thinking…. Also added a yes or no poll to see where people stand. This could be fun. Reintroducing grizzlies to CA should be something we should not only get behind, but get in front! Im tired of so many anti-gun, mask wearing granola eaters out...
  10. Moserkr

    Ant Control in Floorless Shelter

    We got ants…. Obnoxious, and everywhere, by the tens of thousands. Apparently they are well known where we (buddy n I) are elk hunting. Sleep system is a floorless shelter and bivy, backpacking in a bit. We could zip up the bivy, which Ive never had to do before, but these are the types of...
  11. Moserkr

    Ruined euro spike elk mount

    Long story short - had hired a guide 2 seasons ago for my then 93 year old grandpa to get his first elk. He ended up getting one on public land with a crossbow at 53 yards. Bucket list item achieved! Main guide had a helper guide who offered to take care of the euro mount which was very nice...
  12. Moserkr

    WTS Kuiu Boonie Hat Verde 1.0 $150

    Like new kuiu boonie hat. Sweat stains, rips, faded, and pretty dirty. $150 or trade for a F-150 or pallet of plywood. Dont lowball me I know what I got. Seriously though its insane what people are asking for those things. I do have one in great shape. If someone is crazy enough to...
  13. Moserkr

    Debating selling and upgrading tipi - whats fair?

    Thanks in advance for your time in my internal debate. Im debating selling my 2 tipi’s, 1 of 2 stoves, and upgrading to a SO cimarron in DCF. It would be smaller than my big tipi and bigger than my small one, and weigh as much as the small one. That would allow me to take it solo and with a...
  14. Moserkr

    Backcountry Liver n Onion Recipe

    Good Morning! Buddy and I started taking the livers from our animals last year. I had never tried it and thought it was gross, but once I tasted it, I am now a convert. I dont want to waste parts of my animal that I or others will enjoy. So... buddy is still like I was and wont even try it...
  15. Moserkr

    Why you dont hunt with some people anymore

    The lost in the woods thread got me thinking why I dont hunt with some people anymore. Ill get it started. One guy in particular did all this in a few seasons. Hes still friends with our group but no one will hunt with him. Got lost multiple times in easy areas, even during daylight...
  16. Moserkr

    CA Mule Deer food ID help

    Looking help on identifying the name of this plant from the sierra’s in CA. Its like crack for deer in the early season from what i can tell. Thanks for the help.
  17. Moserkr

    Bogpod trekking pole mod

    Hey guys, Looking to turn my bogpod into a multi-purpose tool, and this is being done by others as well in a similar fashion. Instead of modifying trekking poles to be part of a tripod, I want to mod my bogpod tripod into trekking poles. It is already set up with a fluid head for glassing (old...
  18. Moserkr

    WTS/WTT Guide Jacket for Kutana 3DEFx Hybrid

    Long shot but Id like to trade my guide jacket dcs size large in verde 2.0 for a kutana 3defx hybrid in verde 2.0, Large. Anyone interested hit me up. My guide jacket hardly gets used, maybe 5 times, and is in excellent condition. I bought a solid colored kutana 3defx hybrid for around town...
  19. Moserkr

    Hand sewing guy-outs help

    Hey y’all, Need to add a few guy-outs to my tigoat vertex 7.5. Dont have a sewing machine so Ill do it by hand during this “quarantine” period. Looking for suggestions on needle and thread to use, as well as any tips you may have to help me. Nylon tipi is probably 30d, just a guess. Going to...
  20. Moserkr

    WTS/WTT Custom Cleaver - Half Life Knives

    For sale or trade, let me know what you have thats worth trading. Custom Cleaver made by Half Life Knives out of Mustang, Oklahoma. Beautifully hand crafted right here in America. Includes custom leather sheath from Traditions Leathercraft, also from Oklahoma. Would make an excellent...