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  1. PineBrook413

    WTS 28 Nosler - Nosler Trophy Grade 160 & 175 accu bond factory ammo

    Attached are pictures with ammo count written on them with sharpie. I'm hand loading so I don't need these. I based my prices on midway's current pricing. $320 TYD conus.
  2. PineBrook413

    WTS Mystery Ranch Metcalf & Marshall

    Looking to sell my mystery ranch metcalf & marshall. Two bags and one frame. Excellent condition. This is the guide lite frame. M/L suspension and M/L belt. Comes with a mystery ranch range finder pouch as well as PALS (molle) webbing for the waist band that a member here sells. The Metcalf...
  3. PineBrook413

    WTS .308 Accubonds 180 & 165 + some other .308 & 6.5 bullets

    Pictures show bullet types and quantity in sharpie if its not a full box. Looking to sell or trade for 7mm 175 eldx. Prices: .308 nosler or barnes $1.00 per round 6.5 nosler RDF $40 box .308 hornady or sierra $40 box The 25-06 & 30-06 ammo can be thrown in for free as long as you buy some...
  4. PineBrook413

    WTB Nightforce NXS wanted

    Looking for a nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 or similar. Also ATACR 4-16x42 F1 or ATACR 4-16x50 F1 Let me know what you have! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. PineBrook413

    WTB RCBS chargemaster lite

    Anyone have one for sale? Thanks!!
  6. PineBrook413

    WTS Ruger LC380 new oem magazine

    Brand new in box. Bought it years ago thinking it was for an LC9. $35 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. PineBrook413

    WTB WTB 28 nosler brass & .284 175grain accu bond or ELD-X

    Anyone have either brass or bullets? Happy hunting! Looking for 175 eldx, 175 accu bond long range, 160 accu bond, 175 berger etc
  8. PineBrook413

    WTS Glock 20 LaserMax guide rod laser

    VERY low round count. Probably less than 200 rounds. Works perfect no issues. I just don't need it. Made for Glock 20/21 gen 1-3. Replacement guide rod w/ laser (RED) and replaceable captive wolf spring (factory weight 17lb) $150 shipped CONUS.
  9. PineBrook413

    Sold Slik pro500dx tripod with head

    Only been on 2 hunts and 3-4 range trips. Excellent condition with a few little scratches from normal in field use. Works great for binos and also supports large spotters no problem. Only reason i'm selling is I upgraded to an ultra light weight carbon fiber set up. PRICE LOWERED $100...
  10. PineBrook413

    Sold Schness Timberline 13 M excellent condition

    Very little use on these they look like brand new. Schnees timberline mountain boots size 13 medium. Uninsulated & waterproof. Very good condition less than 40 miles on them(prob closer to 20miles). No damage or issues. Slightly too narrow for my feet ended up getting a pair of crispi's that...
  11. PineBrook413

    Sold AMMO - 6.5CM, 30-06, 45-70, 25-06

    Just clearing out ammo I don't need. Sold my 30-06,25-06 and 45-70 and I reload 6.5 so don't need factory ammo. # of rounds is in back sharpie on the box. Tried to price reasonable around what you could find on midway. Obviously a little hard to figure out pricing since nothing is in stock...
  12. PineBrook413

    Sold Sitka mountain pants(38)& heavy weight hoodie(xl) schnees timberline 13

    Sitka gear SOLD. Boot are still available. Schnees timberline mountain boots size 13 medium. Uninsulated & waterproof. Very good condition less than 40 miles on them. No damage or issues. Slightly too narrow for my feet ended up getting a pair of crispis that seem to fit a little better. Just...
  13. PineBrook413

    WTB 10mm brass

    Picked up a glock 20 10mm for a side arm for upcoming elk hunt in grizzly country. Unfortunately I don't have any components :(. Anyone willing to part with some brass please let me know. Much appreciated!
  14. PineBrook413

    WTB 300prc FL bushing die

    Looking so a full length sizing die for 300 prc. Ideally a hornady match grade bushing die. But open to other stuff. Long story short I ruined my sizing die after getting a stuck case. I know know.... I'm an idiot. You live and you learn. Anyone you can part with one would be much appreciated...
  15. PineBrook413

    Mystery Ranch Marshall frame issues - mystery ranch customer service

    I have a 2017 mystery ranch marshall on the guide lite frame. One of the carbon rods that is part of the frame structure ripped through the nylon "sheath" on the frame. I emailed mystery ranch with a few details and pictures and within 2 days they shipped me a new frame free of charge and sent...
  16. PineBrook413

    WTB 300 PRC brass

    Looking for some brass for 300prc if anyone has any they would be willing to sell. Much appreciated! Willing to pay via paypal or I'd be willing to trade some .223, 9mm, 7.62x39, 45-70 or 45ammo for brass. Also have 22-250 brass, 308 brass and 6.5 creedmoor brass i'd be willing to trade.