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  1. Dioni A

    WTS Base layers. First lite and kuiu

    Brown and green quarter zip wick 150 xl sold Grey wick 150 hooded xl sold pending funds Kuiu light merino $25 Kuiu heavy Merino $40 I think the kuiu are large but fit like the first lite xl. Small hole in wrist of light merino kuiu shirt. Grey wick shirt is newer than green and brown ones...
  2. Dioni A

    WTS First lite seek rain pants LG

    I wore these once for a few hours while snow showing. Size large comes with suspenders Asking $200 plus shipping
  3. Dioni A

    WTS Sirui ET-1204 carbon tripod

    Really enjoyed this tripod. Only used for one season. Btx and 95 objective required an upgrade. Comes with travel case and short center section. Asking 125 plus shipping
  4. Dioni A

    Sold Swfa 3-15

    I got this a few weeks ago, mounted it then found a 3-9 and put that on. This scope has never been zeroed. Light ring marks. I have 2 more of these and they're great scopes. Just wanted to try a 3-9 on this gun. Asking $550 plus shipping
  5. Dioni A

    Sold Swfa 6x mil quad

    After buying nearly every scope that is drop test approved I need to thin the heard. This is a really clean scope with perfect glass. Comes with a set of low rings and sun shade asking. sold
  6. Dioni A

    Sold Bushnell elite lrts 4.5-18

    The scope is in really good shape and works like it should. Asking $850 plus actual shipping cost
  7. Dioni A

    WTB Tikka t3x 223

    Looking for stainless but open to blued. Please let me know if you have one you'd consider selling.
  8. Dioni A

    WTB Tikka t3x 223

    Looking for stainless but open to blued. Please let me know if you have one you'd consider selling.
  9. Dioni A

    Sold Bushnell lrts 3-12 and 4.5-18

    I've got one of each they're both in great shape. I'll get pictures of the 4.5-18 up later today. 3-12 $900 plus shipping 4.5-18 $850 plus shipping
  10. Dioni A

    Sold Cheap binoculars for 3yo daughter

    My daughter has recently become obsessed with binoculars and trying to watch the birds and small animals around the house. I can't seem to find any kid ones that don't look like complete trash and don't want to spend a bunch on a new pair. Looking for something that's still usable but nothing...
  11. Dioni A

    WTS Kryptek aegis blaze orange large new w/tags

    Brand new never worn. Asking $200 Posting for a friend. Pm and I'll give you his cell number.
  12. Dioni A

    Sold Exo k3 3200 multicam

    Posting for a friend. K3 3200 in multi cam tall frame medium belt. if your interested pm and I'll give you his cell number. Asking $500
  13. Dioni A

    Sold Bushnell lrhsi 4.5-18

    Wanted to try one of these out since I really like the lrts. I prefer the lrts reticle better so I'm letting this one go. Scope is in immaculate shape. Lenses are perfect don't see any imperfections on the body either. Sold
  14. Dioni A

    Sold Vx freedom 6-18x40 cds new in box

    Posting for a friend @Dsolsman (he's new here). New in box VX freedom 6-18x40 tri moa shrink wrapped in box. $425 plus shipping cost
  15. Dioni A

    Sold Exo 1800 bag

    Brand new never been used 1800 bag only. Asking $150 shipped. Posting for @Dsolsman
  16. Dioni A

    Sold Bushnell lrhs2

    I have a brand new in box lrhs2 in the box. Would like to trade for a lrts Plus cash. The upgraded glass is nice but I prefer the reticle on the lrts. TRADED! thanks for looking.
  17. Dioni A

    Sold Zeiss v4 4-16x44 zmoa-t30

    Zeiss v4 in 4-16x44 with the Z-moa T-30 reticle in non illuminated. Scope is in great shape with no scratches I can see. The blue on the Zeis label is a bit scuffed (I think from my scope cover). This is a super sleak light weight hunting scope and has tracked great for me. Asking $750tyd
  18. Dioni A

    Sold Swarovski STM 80HD W/25-50

    This has been an incredible scope and is in great condition. Lenses are perfect. Asking $2300 plus shipping.
  19. Dioni A

    Sold Bushnell lrhs / lrts

    Hi, I'm looking for a couple of these. Primarily interested in the 4.5-18 but also consider the 3-12. Would prefer non illuminated. Thanks
  20. Dioni A

    WTS Tripods

    Decided to thin the tripod herd. Slik sprint 150 $40 Plus shipping Slik amt pro 330dx sold! Swarovski/manfrotto sold!