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  1. mhabiger

    GIS Project Ideas for Student

    Zoning is a good idea! I don't believe I've run across any free publicly available datasets at the state or national scale though. Census data has some basic categorizations of their geographies but may not be specific enough. DEM for elevation, land cover for vegetation, there are some national...
  2. mhabiger

    Missouri - Kansas City Area

    Looks to me like JOCO wins for most KC area Roksliders. Any recommendations on places to meet at JOCO folks? Could probably draw in some of us Northlanders if it ain't too far down south, maybe a place in Shawnee/Merriam/North OP. Personally, I'm pretty open after Feb 14th if folks want to meet...
  3. mhabiger

    Welcome HuntScore--New Research Service

    You can see the current drought and active fires in any unit by activating the layers, see attached image. These layers are available on the "access" map near the top of any unit page. If you follow a unit, within the next 2 weeks you'll start getting weekly email updates on those conditions...
  4. mhabiger

    Welcome HuntScore--New Research Service

    Good deal! Let me know if there are any other features you'd like to see to help you waste more time!
  5. mhabiger

    Watcha reading/listening to?

    Books Been on a T.R. kick lately (Rough Riders, Hunting Trips of A Ranchman, The Wilderness Hunter) Stoner and Butcher's Crossing by John Williams Probably start re-reading Atlas Shrugged Listening Started listening to a few smaller hunting podcasts: Blood Origins and Your Mountain Always...
  6. mhabiger

    Go Hunt vs Huntin Fool

    If you'd like to try out HuntScore for a week free just create an account and send me a direct message letting me know what email address you used. This offer is good to anyone who reads this thread. I can't offer much in the way of becoming a youtuber or being instafamous. If anything I'd...
  7. mhabiger

    Welcome HuntScore--New Research Service

    We rolled out a couple new features: Follow feature is live! You can now signup to receive email updates on weather events, drought, fire and general internet rumblings about the specific unit, species and tag you are hunting. Emails will start going out at the end of January as we hook up all...
  8. mhabiger

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    Sorry I can't resist (big Caddyshack fan).... Sandy: Carl I want you to kill all the gophers on the golf course Carl Spackler: Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key. Sandy: Not golfers, you great fool. Gophers. The *little*...
  9. mhabiger

    Dog has what?

    Last December our twelve year old Kerry Blue was diagnosed with nose cancer. Basically the only way to possibly treat was with radiation. Radiation started at $5k but would likely be at least double and most prognosis were 6 months at best even with radiation. Read up on what published...
  10. mhabiger

    Time for a member re-introduction! Where are you from+a fun fact about yourself.

    I'll say generally living in Kansas City metro, currently Parkville, MO. Fun fact: I peed next to Rudy Giuliani (one urinal over and his body guard stood watch) 😏
  11. mhabiger

    Missouri - Kansas City Area

    Maybe to figure out a spot we can post a reaction to based on which quadrant you live in. I'm in Parkville...not sure I can like my own post.
  12. mhabiger

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    A couple folks have asked about the data sources on hunter numbers and why the industry says numbers are declining. Generally they are citing . The survey is done every 5 years and administered by the Census Bureau. In 2016 the numbers declined...
  13. mhabiger

    Wyoming Corner Crossing defense fund

    In Leo Sheep vs. US, SCOTUS paved the way for US Govt to take easments to access public land via eminent domain. So BLM could pursue this action today. However, that is a super costly route. Attorneys, appraisers, surveyors for every single might be legally allowed but financially...
  14. mhabiger

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    I heard Matt's take on the Blood Origins podcast and was looking forward to reading his article (heck I even offered to publish it). Since I jumped into the hunting industry a year ago I've struggled with trying to figure out how much to engage on social platforms. Functionally, social media...
  15. mhabiger

    Welcome HuntScore--New Research Service

    A couple of notes for folks following this thread: Talked to Washington Department of Wildlife a few weeks back. They are reworking files for me and I'm supposed to receive them sometime this month. Fingers crossed I'll be able to post Washington draw data in January We've merged the map and...
  16. mhabiger

    Wyoming Corner Crossing defense fund

    For those interested in general legal background on cases around accessing public lands across private you can search up the cases Camfield v. United States and Leo Sheep Co. v. United States. The first takes up fences around public land and the second access and easments. My short research...
  17. mhabiger

    Wyoming Corner Crossing defense fund

    Donated. Getting some legal clarity on corner crossing in Wyoming would be great. As someone who has hunted public land in WY I hope its allowed, and for WY real property owners I hope the ruling is narrowly defined! It'd be great if the ruling resulted in an opinion that could be translated to...
  18. mhabiger

    First Minnesota buck

    Nice job and nice buck! Growing up hunting public and private land in central Minnesota pine and oak we landed in the same spot, just be happy filling the freezer. Every buck was a good buck, forkie on up!
  19. mhabiger

    Idaho spring bear

    I did my second spring bear hunt the end of May beginning of June this year and it was the start of the heat wave. Snow was melted almost up to 7k and there was no shortage of green grass. I spent the first two days glassing big canyons and didnt see squat for bear. It sure looked like it'd be...
  20. mhabiger

    Hot Tent Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Worries

    Man I love Rokslide, fella can find the answer to all his hunting problems here! Had a close call last week here is the setup: its the 5th night in the tent, 3rd with rain and last night of the trip. The temps are close to freezing. We get the stove going and hunker into bed. We had some issues...