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  1. Eagle

    FNG Western Kentucky

    Fellow four rivers member here, I'm outside Paducah in Kevil
  2. Eagle

    The benelli folks love to hate

    Thanks for bringing up this o/u. I’ve been shooting sporting clays for the last year and finally ready to jump into buying a gun for it. These are really light, but intriguing as a gun I could use on the course and carry in the hills. Just wish I could find one to put some rounds through.
  3. Eagle

    Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

    Congrats on 10 years guys! I don't post as often as I used to, but the forum is still as valuable today as it was when I joined that first week!
  4. Eagle

    Versatile hunting dog?

    Totally agree on SM's, that's why I said they are hit and miss. I drove 8 hours one way to get my dog, and drove 8 hours one way to hunt with several of the dogs from my dogs direct line before making my decision. I think the reason behind the KM coming in is due to issues with so many SM's...
  5. Eagle

    Versatile hunting dog?

    Avoid the breeders that are close to you, I was looking into the WPG for a while when I lived in Castle Rock, and after visiting the breeders close to you (read Denver area north) I would not trust any of them. Talk with Dale Parker at Jackson Creek Kennels outside of the springs in Peyton...
  6. Eagle

    Versatile hunting dog?

    As a person that has been involved with NAVHDA for the last couple years and founded a chapter, I'll give my two cents. I own a small munsterlander, researched the breed and breeders and settled on a pairing that had lots of great testing/drive in the lineage and my pup is everything she should...
  7. Eagle

    Leoadventures......anybody know what is going on?

    I work for the department of commerce, patent office, so don't fall within any of the agencies cited. Worth a shot though.
  8. Eagle

    Leoadventures......anybody know what is going on?

    Yeah, I'm sure people sharing the code with friends cost us all in the end.
  9. Eagle

    Leoadventures......anybody know what is going on?

    Nothing recent, last email from them was on 12 January. Hated to see them lose Sitka.
  10. Eagle

    Wildcat Composites Ultralight Tikka T3X Stock Review, By Tye Abell

    Krylon primer, regular coat, marble coat and clear coat.
  11. Eagle

    Two barreled actions. One stock.

    I put my current 6.5 cr tikka t3x into a stock that was bedded for a tikka t3 30-06 and saw no ill effects. The gun consistently shoots well under 1moa so long as I do my part and has shot several .5 moa three shot groups (i know that doesn't mean much).
  12. Eagle

    Wildcat Composites Ultralight Tikka T3X Stock Review, By Tye Abell

    Mine still looks the same as it did after I completed almost 4 years ago.
  13. Eagle

    16ga O/U Recommendations

    Never did, ended up moving and getting in to sporting clay shooting, so currently waiting for a yildiz legacy HPS 12g to show up at my local academy sports.
  14. Eagle

    How late it too late to totally change careers? Who's done it (w/o being $$-secure already)?

    I left a stable (read government) job for a large pay increase (40k) at the age of 31, then had to leave that job due to shady owners becoming too greedy and had to take a pay cut (20k). I was not enjoying the work I had been doing since graduating college (helicopter structural engineering...
  15. Eagle

    Anybody plant winter rye without roundup or feet?

    We've been using why as a winter cover crop for years with our no till program, I even drilled a mix of buckwheat, milo, sunflower and soybean into a 5 acre stand of winter rye this year for food plots and then rolled the rye afterwards and the results are pretty fantastic, virtually weed free...
  16. Eagle

    WTS XOP/LW Hand Climber

  17. Eagle

    WTS XOP/LW Hand Climber

    I’m selling this XOP hand climber, used roughly a dozen times. Functions as expected, no issues or tears in anything, sear is in good condition. This is an exact replica of the lone wolf hand climber and parts from LW will fit this xop if you ever want to add a footrest or get the larger belts...
  18. Eagle

    Anyone live in a barn home?

    In addition to the other suggestions on things to check on, check on home insurance coverage as well, I've heard that it can be difficult to get coverage for all perils on these types of builds/homes.
  19. Eagle

    Real world fuel mileage

    Toyota 4Runner trail edition, 2016 model. Have 66000 on the truck, and have tracked my mileage from day one with fuelly and I’ve averaged 21.5 for the life of the truck. High of 24.7 and low of 19.5. First 40k on the truck were with factory tires, last 26k have been with BFG KO2’s that are...
  20. Eagle

    WTS Mountain Lion Rug

    Not trying to rain on your parade, and that is one awesome cat (!) but are there Lacey Act concerns with this?