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  1. Snyd

    Bighorn lamb tip find

    Yup, you are right. All National Parks it's a no-no.
  2. Snyd

    Bighorn lamb tip find

    Sheep horn. The big end was at some poing attached to the skull, the cone. Your sig says Kodiak, AK but you didn't find a Bighorn horn here. I don't know what state you are in but different states have laws on picking up Bighorn horns. Some it's illegal, some you have to let the state know you...
  3. Snyd

    2022 DCUA 203

    I've been in DCUA 3 times over the years. Never pursued Johnson River access since from what I understand it's pretty much non-doable unless you fly in to Charlie Boyd. There are other more feasible approaches for the walk-in. If you haven't already, here's a good general place to start...
  4. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    Thank you all for the kind words and comments. I wish you all the best in your Sheep Hunting adventures and hope they are as fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful as mine have been. I'll leave you with this poem I wrote a few years back... An Alaskan Sheep Hunters Poem By Snyd With the sun at...
  5. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    Back to the evening of August 19th when we got the ram.... As we were heading back to the tent I reflected on the years of sheep hunting I'd been able to do. Each time I left the mountains I'd always take a moment to look and reflect and realize that one day would be the last day I was ever in...
  6. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    8/20/21 We wake up to water dripping on our heads and slushy snow on the tent. Of course! Weather was nasty. Cold, rain/snow and wind. We had not boned out the quarters at the kill site so we unhooked and pushed back the inner tent in the Hilleberg giving us a large floorless shelter for boning...
  7. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    As I crawl/move through the rocks I can see my ram periodically feeding along. I’m avoiding being busted by the smaller rams that are scattered around, having to slither my way down and around through the rocks. I don’t see the other bigger ram. Then my ram lays down. I keep moving in, ranged...
  8. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    8/18/21 We wake up to water dripping on our heads and slushy snow on the tent and socked in. It was strange to have water coming in the Tarra. That tent has been in brutal rain, water running under the floor and has never leaked a drop. Sheep or moose hunting. By mid morning we get a weather...
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    The Last Ram

    “There it is!!” I holler. I see it down in the steep narrow drainage hung up in the rocks. We get down there, the wind is whipping but not as bad. Fortunately one of guy lines got caught in the rocks and kept it from tumbling down into no man’s land. Roy hung on to the tent while I untangled the...
  10. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    For the 2021 season I drew the coveted DCUA DS203 tag again! This was going to be my third handgun attempt for a ram. I had planned on going in early, Aug 8th, like always, this year with a buddy that drew the same hunt in 2020. But mid/late June rolled around and life happened, he wasn't going...
  11. Snyd

    The Last Ram

    Ok fellas. This is a long one and will come in a few posts. Here goes. First some background to bring some perspective... ~~~ I was 43 when it all started back in 2003 when my wifey's best friend married Jay. Jay and I had only known each other for a short time when he called me one day and...
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    Sheep Tips and Tricks

    Don't forget to rock your tent stakes...
  13. Snyd

    AK Sheep, Population Observations

    Yup, the Pineapple Express hit us. It's been a few years since we had one. It's nothing new really. Usually they hit the west coast. Sometimes they swoop up to various parts of AK.
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    Cooking sheep ribs

  15. Snyd

    Spotting Scopes and Growth Rings

    Buy the best high quality scope you can afford that fits the bill for you as far a size and weight, also consider the tripod. Bigger scope requries bigger tripod. If you ever get in conditions where you can actually count rings accurately then you'll probably already know he's a legal ram...
  16. Snyd

    things NOT to take on a guided hunt

    No need for 2 spotters/tripods. When we partner hunt here we only take one. There is standard "shared gear". tent, stove/fuel, water filter, spotter and even rangefinder, camera, SPOT or inreach, sat phone. When you get a ram down in a steep chute a few miles and drainages from your tent after...
  17. Snyd

    New study estimates 3 times as many golden eagles in Alaska than previously believed

    A couple summers ago the Wifey and I were hiking around down at Denali looking at Sheep, etc. The wifey was wearing her white hiking shirt and guess who came down to about 30-50ft overhead? Wasn't the "bald guy" :) I wonder if F&G is considering this study in regards to lower Sheep populations...
  18. Snyd

    Handgun Hunters?

    Ya, it takes time to get quick with a scoped pistol for sure. I tested a friends big leupold like yours on my FA 454 a few years back. I felt it was too big/cumbersome. For me anything above 4X was practically useless unless on solie rest on the bench. Even then it was like trying to look down a...
  19. Snyd

    New study estimates 3 times as many golden eagles in Alaska than previously believed Interesting findings and in light of Sheep populatons discussed in the other thread. But also no mention of Dall Sheep in the article... "Chocolate-brown...