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  1. Above Timber

    FS First Lite Kanab 1.0 Pants

    Kanab 1.0 pants for sale size small in Dry Earth. No snags or rips, In like new condition. $100.00 TYD in the lower 48.
  2. Above Timber

    FS Fist Lite Kanab 2.0 pants

    I have 1 pair of First Lite Kanab 2.0 Pants size small For Sale for $150.00 TYD in the lower 48. They have not been worn, this is $10.00 less then the price on First Lite's web site with NO tax and NO shipping.
  3. Above Timber

    Nikon 1 S1

    Here's the deal I drew Colorado Archery Unit 61 and am in desperate need of a new camera to document the scouting and hunting trips. I am looking at the Nikon 1 S1 as B&H Photo has them on special for $299 w/ free shipping. Does anyone on the forum have any experience with the Nikon 1 series of...
  4. Above Timber

    Bugling Bull Bugles

    What are your thoughts on the three different bugles offered by Bugling Bulls (Select-a-bull, Bully Bull Extreme, and the original Bully Bull). I need to replace my bugle this year and am interested in everyone's thoughts and experiences. Can the Select-A-Bull be used without the mouth piece?
  5. Above Timber

    Rangefinder Pouch????

    I was just watching the Western Hunter TV show with Nate Simmons on his Idaho elk hunt and am curious if anyone knows what kind of rangefinder pouch Nate Simmons was using in the episode?? I do not think it was a FHF. It was hooked to his bino-harness on the right side.
  6. Above Timber

    First Aid Kit Contents

    After reading Becca's thread on lightening their first aid kit it got me to thinking what does everyone carry in theirs? I will list the contents of mine. After going through all of it I think I can lighten my kit as well. With all the contents my kit is coming in at 10.5 oz. I think I could...
  7. Above Timber

    Colorado Wild Fires

    Yet another fire erupted today around 12:00 pm. This fire is in the Waldo Canyon area of El Paso and Teller Counties in Colorado. For those not familiar with the area that is just west of Colorado Springs. With the wind direction right now the fire is being blown back toward Colorado Springs and...
  8. Above Timber

    Colorado Weekend Road Trip

    I thought I would post these pics from my drive home today after spending the weekend in the Colorado mountains. My wife took the pictures around 4 pm this afternoon. What a great way to end a great weekend with the family.
  9. Above Timber

    Arrows for Rocky Mtn. Big Horn Sheep

    I drew a sheep tag and need some recommendations on arrows. I currently shoot Gold Tip Velocity XT but feel they might be too light for sheep as they only weigh in at 350 grains. I really like Gold Tip arrows but am open to suggestions. What recommendations do people have as far over all weight...
  10. Above Timber

    Youth hunting rifle

    I am in the market to find a rifle for my son who will be hunting this fall. He is a light weight not very big for a 12 yr. old. He will need a youth model with a short stalk. I am stuck between a 308 and a 7mm08. I know nothing about the 7mm08 caliber and in sight or thought would be greatly...