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    Beginner Reloading Kit

    Screwing in dies ain’t that big of a deal. I’d look past the Hornady kit and dies.
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    I’ve used 0.029 pins early on. I switched to the 0.019 pins at some point and haven’t really missed the larger pins. Personally, I don’t have any need for anything smaller than the 0.019.
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    Do any of you use Lighted Nocks?

    How are y’all breaking all these lighted nocks? What brands are y’all using?
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    Do any of you use Lighted Nocks?

    I’ve used them and love them. The only con is the weight. The ones I use are very tough, don’t affect arrow flight, and I’ve never had a failure. They have helped in tracking very few times. 99.9% of the time I have pass throughs, so they can’t help then.
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    I’ve been using HHA sights for years and love them. I’m currently using the Tetra Max single pin with the 0.019 pin. Works perfect for me. Good luck with your search.
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    For my deer setup, I use my 60 lbs mods. With that setup, I can shoot to 40 yds with my single pin set at 30 yds without holding off the deer. I’m not crazy about SH sights, but a single pin sounds like it would be all you need.
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    How far is your average shot while hunting?
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    Velocity change: virgin vs once fired?

    Never made a difference for me in any of the dozen rifles I load. I don’t give it a second thought anymore.
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    SH Double Pin or Triple Stack?

    Felt overly heavy for what it is, didn’t have a rheostat, and the pins weren’t as bright as I want. I was always a 3 pin guy before switching to a single pin. I thought it would be a good combo sight, but it wasn’t for me. In the end, a single pin was the best option and that’s what I’ll be...
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    SH Double Pin or Triple Stack?

    I briefly had a triple stack and didn’t like it at all. I went back to my HHA sights and doubt I will ever venture away from them ever again.
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    What vanes do you all use?

    I use the primer pen and gorilla super glue. Never had an issue with them not sticking. I don’t like the inconvenience of the primer pen, so I’m gonna stay with Blazers or Q2i vanes.
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    Best forest service road tire

    I’m about to put Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires(not e-rated) on my 4Runner for the purpose of highway traveling and hunting on forest service roads.
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    SH Double Pin or Triple Stack?

    If your setup allows you to shoot 0-40, then I would think you should be able to get to 50 yards while still holding on a whitetail sized target. I use a single pin, as well, and keep mine set at 30 yards. That gets me from 0-40 and never have to hold off a deer. Anything over that, I’m gonna...
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    SH Double Pin or Triple Stack?

    What do you keep your yardage set too and what’s your average shot distance?
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    AAE Max Bond Leaves White Film on New Shafts

    Doesn’t hurt a thing. I use super glue to attach my AAE fletchings.
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    PrAna Zion redesign

    The old zions left alot to be desired. Maybe one day they’ll get it figured out.
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    6.5 PRC observation

    I briefly thought about getting a 6.5 PRC, but I already own a .270 Win.
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    Burning off Old Field

    I use 2/3 diesel 1/3 gas or kerosene in my drip torches.
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    Which 7mm bullet do you prefer 168 or 180?

    Neither of the options listed.
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    What let off are you shooting?

    85% I wish they offered a higher one.