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    Mystery Ranch fit

    I have an older Mystery Ranch backpacking pack that is a size medium - it fits great. I have an 18 inch torso. Sizing has changed since I bought this pack, however. The older yoke was more of a medium/large size, while the newer yokes are either small/medium or large/xl. Like several companies...
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    Alaska Guide Creations Gen L harness

    Wondering if any of you have used an AGC pack with the new Gen L bino harness. Wondering if it’s a significant improvement on the old harness.
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    WTB Barney’s pack frame

    Looking for a Barney’s pack frame. I suppose I’d be interested in a bag too if it’s a screaming deal, but right now I’m really just budgeted for a frame. Let me know if you’ve got one!
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    Black Diamond Mega Light - poly version

    With all the talk about the silpoly shelters, it looks like Black Diamond is in the game - at least sort of. The updated Mega Light pyramid tent has been out for a while and it's made with what appears to be a sil/PU polyester fabric - something with silicone on one side and polyurethane on the...
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    Cheap tipi option - Peregrine Boreal

    Looking at a foreign-made (I know, I know) tipi tent and am curious about this one - Peregrine Boreal HT Floorless tent. The specs seem decent. Not sil/sil nylon but I wouldn't expect that for the price. Comes with a pole, made with a waterproof a YKK zipper. Anyone here know anything about this...
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    How old of a used tent would you buy

    I know that the waterproofing and fabrics in tents with PU coatings is vulnerable to breakdown over time. Assuming a tent has no signs of hydrolysis- no peeling, no odors - would you feel comfortable counting on a 15 or 20 year old tent to keep you dry? Sometimes I see a deal on a tent locally...
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    Tent with a view - something you can leave open in the rain

    When I was a kid I camped in a-frame tents that had rain flies that extended out over the tent inner without touching the ground. Because of this you had great ventilation and could even look outside without getting wet. Nowadays it seems like every tent has a vestibule that extends to the...
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    Hydrostatic head

    Do hydrostatic head measurements factor into your purchase decisions? I know some shelters have very high HH ratings, upwards of 5000mm. I've often heard that 1200 or 1500mm is the minimum to be considered waterproof. But I recently saw a Eureka tent that had a hydrostatic head rating of 800mm...
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    Sold Thermarest Prolite Plus long/wide pads - new with tags

    Selling two Thermarest Prolite Plus pads. These are size long/wide. The newest model with the updated valve and an easy to use carrying case. 77x25 inches. $80 each shipped to you.
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    Four season floored tent vs mid-style shelter

    I know some of you guys use both pyramid-style shelters like the SO Cimarron as well as more traditional four season tents like those made by Hilleberg. For those of you who own and use both, what factors will make you choose one over the other? I think it's interesting that floorless is all the...
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    WTB WTB Seek Outside Cimarron

    Looking for a Cimarron in good condition. Normal or Light version, olive or tan, doesn't matter.
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    Peregrine tents/shelters

    Anyone familiar with the Peregrine brand? They have a line of tents that includes a floorless pyramid-type shelter and they also sell a titanium stove. I'm wondering if this is Chinese alibaba-type stuff. I know that not all Chinese stuff is bad, but I also know that some of it really is.
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    WTB Seek Outside Cimarron or LBO without stove jack

    Looking to buy a Seek Outside Cimarron or LBO without a stove jack. Something in good condition. Thanks!
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    Silpoly for shelters

    I have seen that a few manufacturers have switched some production over from silnylon to silpoly (Six Moon Designs, Black Diamond). It sounds like the main tradeoff is reduced strength with the silpoly but also reduced stretching/sagging. Silpoly isn't exactly new, so it's not like shelter...
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    WTT LCRx for LCR

    I have a Ruger LCRx, new in box. 38 special, 1.87" barrel. Would like to trade it for an LCR in 38 special that is in very good or excellent condition. I'm located in Rapid City, SD.
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    WTB WTB Savage 223

    Would like to buy a Savage rifle (non-Axis), preferably one with a sporter profile barrel and the newer stock where you can change the length of pull. Thanks!
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    Max weight rifle with a Kifaru gun bearer

    Thinking about trying a universal Kifaru gun bearer setup on my Seek Outside pack. Seems like the gun bearer is obviously going to be more comfortable with a lightweight rifle. Those of you with a lot of experience with the gun bearer - have you found that there's a certain weight at which the...
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    Sold SWFA 10x42 Mil Quad

    Selling an SWFA 10x42 scope with Mil Quad reticle. $320 to you in the lower 48.
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    Sold Beretta APX A1 Carry w Cook’s Kydex appendix carry holster

    Selling a Beretta APX A1 Carry. This is the newest model of the APX Carry subcompact pistol. Capacity is 6+1 with the flush fit mag or 8+1 with the extended. The A1 trigger is said to be lighter than that on the original APX Carry. Also, the A1 has a red dot ready slide. The pistol is modular...
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    WTT SWFA 10x42 mil quad for 6x42 mil quad

    Looking to trade an SWFA 10x42 mil quad scope for 6x42 mil quad scope. The scope has no issues whatsoever. Looking for a 6x42 with glass that isn't scratched, but I'm not too worried about cosmetics.