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    DIY Annealing

    Found this DIY induction annealer. Part 1 Part 2
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    Epoxy painting garage floor

    Seeking wisdom regarding garage/shop floor coating/painting. House is nearly complete, I am going to epoxy/polyurea paint the garage floor. If you have done this and would be inclined to share your experience and results that would be mighty kind. I’ve read some cons of the epoxy paint but...
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    Hotdog hot melt

    Does anyone hot melt their HIT’s? I did it on a dozen, so far so good shooting into my rineheart target for the last month. Why does the Easton hit tool not insert the hit as deep as screwing a field point to the hit? I inserted the hits using a field point that I rubbed some wax on so the...
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    Anyone play backgammon? Definitely my favorite game. It’s the board game with the alternating color triangles, checkers, dice, and perplexing cube that says 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.
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    Meat eater weed eater

    Buying an Echo weed wacker. Don’t chime in with your stihl bs. Though I do own a stihl pole saw and it’s great. Looking at the SMR 225, SMR266, SMR2320. I’m not sure what the different letters at the end of the number mean, anyone have these? It won’t be commercial day in and day out use but...
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    Fletch distance

    What distance do you put the wings from the nock?
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    Freeze dryers

    Looking for input from those that have one. Model, pros/cons. I’ve kicked the idea of buying one around for a few years.
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    Your favorite

    Rokslide sub forum? Mine are: Archery Reloading Firearms Elk Moose Caribou Sales
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    Long term vane storage

    I’ve amassed quite a pile of vanes, that will take me many years to go through them all. Some are very cheap, others more expensive vanes. I like to be well stocked up on all fishing and hunting equipment that way I never have to worry about going out to buy anything spur of the moment. Like...
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    Sears Ted Williams model 73 30.06

    Years ago I bought one for $125. Only have taken it to the range a couple times. Each time getting it to group was futile. Overall cosmetically I’d say it’s in good shape minus some blueing coming off the barrel where it looks like it’s been rested on a blind or truck window and the crown. It...
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    Turkey decoys

    After years of using the cheapest foam decoys you could buy I’m in the market to buy new ones. Pros/cons to what you’ve used
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    Durable vanes

    What are the most durable vanes you’ve used?
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    Sorting pistol brass

    Over the past 6 or 7 years I’ve accumulated everything to reload(thank God I bought primers when I started buying). The things left is for the house to be finished, build a bench, and a couple more dies. Of course more powder/primers. Does anyone sort pistol brass by head stamp or weight...
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    How many arrows do you have?

    Spent the other night fletching arrows. 33 for my bow 16 for wifes 9 for a crossbow Think I’ll hold off on buying more until I break or lose some. But I will need more vanes next goaround.
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    Sous Vide

    Need recommendations for sous vide cooking machine. Going to get one for my wife as a present. I’m ok with spending whatever a quality long lasting device costs. Pros/cons of the device you have.
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    Bow maintenance

    What do you do to upkeep your bow? Besides waxing the string. Lube/grease certain things after x amount of shots? I started archery a little over a year ago and shoot on average 4 times a week. I do not have a bow press but I have been building and fletching my own arrows. I would like to...
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    Camera tripod to shooting tripod

    I bought my wife this tripod years ago for a camera I got her. Will this bog deathgrip attach easily and securely? Would I need more or different hardware? I would rather spend less $ and have one tripod that suits dual purposes with just a quick change. She will be using it for a crossbow on a...
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    Surf fishing

    Anyone here fish the surf/beach? Interested to hear of any diehard surf fisherman. Don’t disclose specific locations/home beach unless you feel the world needs to know..geographical area is plenty. Species you fish for, tackle, camp set up, beach sand/shell/rock(terrain). Also interest to hear...
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    Anyone reload brass from a HKG3/PTR91

    Anyone reload cases that were fired from the rifles in the title? The fluted chamber molds the case neck into a ‘gear’ like shape. I’ll give it a shot eventually. Fun rifle but it’s hell on brass and I don’t buy steel case…One case head separation from Tula in my AR10 was enough. Ironic that was...
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    Bow string

    I’ll be in the market for a new string for my VXR in the future. What is your preference for bow string makers/brands? Pros/cons I’ll be changing mine out after season, it still has plenty of life so I would keep it as a backup string.