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    How warm would the axis jacket be with a Down vest under? Warm enough to stand hunt die in the teens?
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    Sold Fast Eddie Triple Stack

    I got a double. Pm me
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    WTB Kuiu Super Down Pro Verde XXL

    I have a nwot super down pro XXL in Verde. Pm me and we will get you hooked up.
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    Jacket Options

    I primarily archery hunt. Wanting to make sure I can pull the bow back and be comfortable while sitting. Definitely won’t wear them both when waking in to a stand
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    Jacket Options

    Will the super down pro under the axis be too bulky to move? Don’t to be the michillian man
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    Jacket Options

    So would you say get a cheaper puffy then get a fanatic jacket and come out at about the same price point as a super down pro?
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    Jacket Options

    So I currently have a kuiu axis jacket, and looking to upgrade insulation layer. How warm will a super down pro be under this axis jacket? How would this compare to a Sitka fanatic jacket? I’ve used one before and it’s super warm, but very heavy. I hunt both out west as well as whitetail...
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    Sold XL Super Down Pro

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    WTS Kuiu Guide Jacket XL Verde

    In like new condition…just too small for me. Would trade for other XXL Kuiu items. $180 TYD
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    Sold XL Super Down Pro

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    WTB WTB Puffy Set and Rain Set

    I have a kuiu Super Down pro in xl if you’re interested
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    Sold XL Super Down Pro

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    Sold XL Super Down Pro

    XL. In perfect condition other than a small stain on the back left shoulder as seen in pic. $325 TYD
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    Sold Kuiu Guide Pants Verde 38

    $145. In awesome condition. 38” waist.
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    Sold Kuiu Super Down Pro XL Verde

    It is not hooded