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    Bear Attacks Hunter & Guide Sep '18 Story

    My bet; 1/2 of the guys packing bear spray have never actually test fired a can. I have, and it will kill a coon!
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    Platoro area

    Yep lots of people and rugged, elk didn't talk very much. We actually stayed in Jasper and hunted towards Platoro, so we were a little bit north and east of where you are headed for.
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    Favorite Organizations

    RMEF, NWTF, Sportsman's alliance, and Life member of the NRA
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    Idaho Diamond Creek 66A/76 Cell Service?

    What about when your on high ground west of the tower, much service or still spotty?
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    Idaho Diamond Creek 66A/76 Cell Service?

    They are or just did put a new tower up on Black Mountain, should greatly improve service in 66A.
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    Dwight Schuh passed away

    Here's his obit, I'm guessing he wrote it! https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/i...ols6A7FvztRUmw73afcKCic-2vWkA0tZq_DcIf_Kc81B0
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    Call Your Shot - Yes Or No!

    Yes right between the x's
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Semi retired, 25 years as a state trooper, and now 15 in the Crop insurance business (adjuster)
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    How did you find it?

    Your honeyhole that is! Google earth, talking to biologists, sites like this, at your local watering hole, boot leather on the ground, or some other way?