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    Hatch Bipod

    Hi guys, I'm looking at purchasing a new bipod and came across this one: https://www.hatchoutwest.com/bipod/ I like that it adjusts from a prone position through a sitting position. There's not a lot of information on these out there to sift through, but most comments I read are positive...
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    My 2018 Whitetail season

    New member, thought I'd share my 2018 Whitetail season. This one was taken in Manitoba. He made a mistake chasing a hot doe into the open and the .300 short mag did it's work at 250 yards. I've spent several years up there looking for a classic dark antlered buck like this stud and finally...
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    Garmin Explorer SE on sale at Costco

    Just saw this, sale ends tomorrow. Pretty good deal if you're looking for this model...$229.99 https://www.costco.com/Garmin-inReach-SE+-Satellite-Communicator.product.100419295.html
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    Garmin In Reach Explorer+/Mini or Bivystick

    I searched this forum and found a fair amount of info on the Garmin In Reach models but almost nothing on the Bivystick. I've studied them all so I think I have a good understanding of their differences. But I'd like to hear some "real world" experiences. The $s paid for the actual unit are...
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    WTB First Lite Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket in Fusion Size XL

    Looking for new or as new condition... Thanks