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  1. WannabeHunter

    Skull cleaning afield?

    Diving west for elk this year. If successesful, would be planning for euro mount. Can't cut the skull plate, so wuuld need to clean the skull before transporting cross country. Best way to accomplish cleaning the skull afield or with limited boiling supplies? Pressure washer at a car wash?
  2. WannabeHunter

    WTS/WTT AGC Holster

    Bought AGC Holster during their recent sale. Not trying to make anything. Just don’t like the way it fits my Kuiu bino harness. It’s brand spanking new! Sale: $40 tyd Trade: mystery ranch semi auto holster or any pack belt compatible holster that fits M&P shield 9mm
  3. WannabeHunter


    Are flying insects or ticks a concern for S/SE Idaho in September? Do I need to concern myself with insect repellent?
  4. WannabeHunter

    EXO color mishap

    Has anyone received one of these discounted EXO packs with the mis-colored webbing straps? Is it a big deal? Do you have a full picture?
  5. WannabeHunter

    25% Mystery Ranch on Black Ovis

    Read the title....
  6. WannabeHunter

    SC WMA Experiences

    Any South Cackalacky folks hunted any of the WMA land around Aiken? Specifically Henderson Heritage Preserve? Looking to sneak out there during season for quick hunts. I'll be doing some scouting, but didn't know if there were reports of break-ins, too many people walking around etc.
  7. WannabeHunter

    Campsaver Deals has some good deals right now. Good supply of Salmon boots/shoes
  8. WannabeHunter

    OnX Spring Accuracy

    Been E-Scouting for about a year now. Numerous spots picked out and hunting (really locating) strategies in mind. Do you guys find the "spring" markings on OnX to be relatively accurate? I know that springs can be seasonal and year-to-year depending on rain/snow fall etc, but are these...
  9. WannabeHunter

    Borrow a Tree Saddle?

    So I've been batting around the saddle idea. But I really don't want to throw down the cash without knowing for sure what I'm getting into. Would anyone be willing to let me borrow a tree saddle setup for me to try out? I wouldn't need climbing sticks. I'd obviously pay for shipping both ways.
  10. WannabeHunter

    Tuning question

    Just paper tuned an old bowtech pro38. Now the arrow is angled toward the ground considerably when nocked. See pic. Is this normal?
  11. WannabeHunter

    Bow Medic Vise Looking to get into working on my own bow. Anyone used this Bow Medic Bench Mount Bow Hand? Not trying to spend a fortune.
  12. WannabeHunter

    Alternate Sitka Patterns

    Where are people buying Sitka's whitetail lineup (fanatic etc) in non-Elevated camo patterns? I see stuff in classifieds that are not the camo patterns offered on their website, like forest or ground forest (something). Patterns with more earth tones and green. Are people buying via European...
  13. WannabeHunter

    Sunglasses while Hunting?

    Don't normally wear sunglasses while whitetail hunting here in Pine Plantation, USA. But was thinking about taking a pair out west this year. My current Costa Del Mars have polarized lens that are mirror green. Question: Is the mirror green a no-no while elk hunting? Does it spook them with...
  14. WannabeHunter

    SE Whitetail Saddle Hunters?

    Have any southeastern pine plantation hunters converted to saddle hunting? How's it working out? Mainly considering the switch so some of my hunting "buddies" (club members) don't sit my well thought out and protected stand locations.
  15. WannabeHunter

    Trekmount for binos?

    Anyone have experience with a Trekmount adapter. It straps to your trekking pole and essentially turns it into a monopod. Weighs 0.58 oz. Thoughts on using this to mount binos for light spotting and scouting? Using Vortex Viper HD 8x42...
  16. WannabeHunter

    Idaho Diamond Creek 66A/76 Cell Service?

    Doing a 2019 DIY archery hunt in diamond creek. Yes we are some of the non-residents that's crowding the place. Quick question.... Where's your favorite spot that's guaranteed to have elk? Joking!! Just Joking!! Real question: Anyone experience adequate cell service in Diamond Creek to...
  17. WannabeHunter

    IMPORTANTEST Question!

    I'm new to Rokslide. From South Carolina. I hunt everything that's legally huntable with moderate success. Sitting around deer camp one day, got the bright idea that we should start going out west! Fast-Forward 1 year: 2019 OTC Idaho Elk Tag Purchased. Gear collected and testing under...