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  1. Justin_the_EDG

    Kryptek Dalibor Pants and Jacket Review, By Jared Bloomgren

    @Jared Bloomgren No worries! Wasn't meant as a reprimand, lol, just trying to complete the mental image of what the Dalibor (particularly the pants) are. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Justin_the_EDG

    Kryptek Dalibor Pants and Jacket Review, By Jared Bloomgren

    Hey @Jared Bloomgren Would you call the Dalibor pants a softshell? For some reason I was under the impression they were a light ss, but didn't see that mentioned. The site does say there is a knee laminate of some sort? Thanks for the rundown! Looking forward to more.
  3. Justin_the_EDG

    Maven C series vs Vortex Viper HD

    Well, they still had the August sale running on the C3s, so I ordered the 12x50 from Maven. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give an educated opinion on them when they come in, because my only context is the Celestron Outland 10x42. I suppose if I have issues with the eye cups, I can look at...
  4. Justin_the_EDG

    Maven C series vs Vortex Viper HD

    After searching for C3 v Viper, I switched my search to just Maven C vs Viper and came across more. I'm still curious about the much smaller FoV on the Maven, but it seems that the C series glass is still very well thought of and generally considered a step above the Viper HD glass.
  5. Justin_the_EDG

    Maven C series vs Vortex Viper HD

    Looking at bumping up my $50 Amazon binos to the next tier I can justify paying. There's tons of reviews on the higher end Maven lines, but nothing on the Cs, let alone a comparo to the Viper HDs. Specifically, I'm looking at the 12x50s. I'd assume the Maven C3 glass may edge the Vipers, but...
  6. Justin_the_EDG

    Where's the kryptek love.

    Kryptek's pattern was tested against a large field of competing patterns, just none of the existing hunting patterns were part of the process (although one could argue that there were some based on similar principals as current camos). So, as Butch said, it was tested to be an effective pattern.
  7. Justin_the_EDG

    Where's the kryptek love.

    @Kryptek06 Awesome reply Butch. Thank you for taking the time out. I truly meant what I said that I WANT to buy your stuff, so hearing that you are working on these opportunity areas gets me stoked. I went back over your line up today to re-familiarize. I can almost guarantee you guys will be...
  8. Justin_the_EDG

    Where's the kryptek love.

    Thanks for the reply Robby. I hope that didn't sound like a diss on Rokslide, it's obvious to me that Kryptek doesn't put as much weight on getting stuff into the hands of public reviewers and "influencers" as other brands, which I get and actually might agree with if it were my decision to...
  9. Justin_the_EDG

    Where's the kryptek love.

    Well stated. Literally, I WANT to buy Kryptek. I love their branding and background. I love their camo. But every time I consider buying a piece, I end up going elsewhere because I really have NO IDEA what would actually come in the mail to me if I hit the checkout button. No detailed specs...
  10. Justin_the_EDG

    Where's the kryptek love.

    My problem with buying Kryptek is that I have no idea what I'm getting if I place an order. I have a store in town that stocks 4-5 items, so I'm left online ordering anything I'm interested in, but they say very little about the pieces on their website. Most brands, I can go to the...
  11. Justin_the_EDG

    How much do you value boot weight and height?

    Would love to hear some follow up from ya. I've read several of Paul's posts on them, but it doesn't seem like a lot of folks have tried them out. They sound like a really great option. Wondering if they work for a wide range of feet.
  12. Justin_the_EDG

    Kuiu StrongFleece Hybrid 260...thoughts?

    How stretchy would you guys say this piece is? I know that's kinda a dumb question to specifically have, but I really enjoy the stretch in the FL fleece compared even to the Sitka Heavyweight. Makes the tight forearms you see on all these midlayers way more bearable to me.
  13. Justin_the_EDG

    Potential change to FL Cirrus?

    I had a size large Cirrus that I bought I in December of '17. I swapped for a medium (lost a little weight, and it was on the edge of being big when I got it already) with a guy on Facebook, figuring I might as well get a better fit and drop an ounce of weight or whatever it would be. I BELIEVE...
  14. Justin_the_EDG

    Puffy Comparison: Tear It Up!

    Pretty interesting thread. If you'd like to add another synthetic to the list, consider the Nunatak USA Skaha and PCT jackets. Jackets very similar to the LPP, but with ultralight type fabrics instead of the cordura. Same insulation even, but in various weight options. They're currently at the...
  15. Justin_the_EDG

    Wrangler outdoor pants

    Agreed, I can go from IWB in town to OWB in the back country and the waist still fits either way. Very nice bonus. @Michiganhunter MDFI Alumni by chance?
  16. Justin_the_EDG

    Wrangler outdoor pants

    On my Wally versions. Sizing: They run fairly true, maybe a touch big. Especially with how much stretch they have in the waist. Pretty slim through the leg, not unbearably in my opinion, but definitely slimmer than even the average outdoor pant in my limited experience. Not gonna be a look that...
  17. Justin_the_EDG

    2018-19 Rokstaff Gear Lists

    @Tony Trietch Hey Tony, for clarity sake on your pack weight, the listed 36# is including the 5 days of food (as well as the water), but none of the add on/possible items I assume?
  18. Justin_the_EDG

    Stone Glacier's Grumman Goose Down Jacket Review

    I know you've been a proponent lately of the SKRE Ptarmigan, I'd be very interested to see your thoughts of the pros and cons between these 2 jackets if you do get a Grumman in hand.
  19. Justin_the_EDG

    What are your 3rd and 4th season packs weighing in at?

    For a day hunt, I would expect to be under 45 with weapon for sure, depending on the quality of your gear. >1# of food, no multi-day water carry, no sleep system, all that should drop you quite a bit. I wanna say I run around 40# for a hunt when I expect to get back to the vehicle for sleep and...
  20. Justin_the_EDG

    Kuiu Offerings

    Guaranteed that all this clothing was a lineup designed with Jason at the helm. He had talked about wanting to produce training and lifestyle clothing, so no surprises there. I did find it interesting that much of it started dropping almost instantly after his suicide. Perhaps he was holding...