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  1. psirus7

    New Hand-Release Recommendations

    I left my Scott Pursuit at the range on Friday and by the time I realized it was missing, somebody grabbed it. So....I'm in the market for a new release. Only requirement is that it must be convertible to left-handed. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. psirus7

    AGC Harness Fitting - Straps Too Big?

    Has anyone ran into fitting issues with the AGC Bino Harness? I’m 5’10”, 159 lbs and picked up a AGC Classic X50 MAX for my Meostar 12x50s. The pack is great, but I’ve run out of travel on the upper buckles and I can’t seem to get the harness high enough on my chest to remove some slack. I’m...
  3. psirus7

    Bug Bivies in a SO Cimarron?

    Has anyone had any luck running two independent bug bivies with a stove in a SO Cimarron in lieu of a half nest? I'm looking to run 2 OR Bug Bivies on each side and am wondering if that will provide me with some weight savings and versatility over a half-nest (in addition to not having to spoon...
  4. psirus7

    WTS Meopta Carbon Fiber Tripod Bundle

    Got this bundle with my new S2 spotter, and it’s all brand new. Includes tripod, ball head, fluid head, adapter plates, and carrying case. $270 paypal Shipped F&F or add 3%.
  5. psirus7

    WTS MR Pintler - Medium

    $300 TYD - PayPal Selling my Medium (yoke & belt) MR Pintler on the Guide Light Frame. Pack has been used for a few training hikes and one scouting trip. It still looks new new. No stains or tears. Can send more pictures on request.
  6. psirus7

    Meopta S2 82mm vs. Swaro ATS 65mm?

    I just sold my Vortex Viper HD 65mm and am looking to upgrade. Does anyone have experience comparing the Meopta S2 82mm to the Swaro ATS 65mm? I can get a good deal though Meopta's Mil program on the S2 (about $1750), but the thing is Huge and I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a used Swaro...
  7. psirus7

    QAD Ultra HDX rest Popping from 80-90 percent position

    Roksliders, I picked up a PSE Carbon Air Stealth EC last weekend with a new QAD Ultra HDX Drop-Away rest. The bow shoots great but I noticed last night that the rest developed a significant popping sound and vibration that can be felt coming to full draw. I estimate the rest has maybe 100 shots...
  8. psirus7

    Kansas FNG

    Long time lurker from New Mexico (now living just outside of Kansas City). This website & forum has been an great resource for my previous mule deer hunts.
  9. psirus7

    CVA Paramount

    Has anyone had an opportunity to shoot this muzzleloader? There are a few threads from earlier this year, but I didn't see any with actual hands on shooting experience. It's looks nice (except for the weight). Any thoughts?
  10. psirus7

    New Mexico - GMU 52

    I just pulled my first Elk tag (muzzleloader) from the NM lottery. I’m looking to talk to anyone who has experience in GMU 52 / Carson National Forest. I am unfamiliar with the area as all my previous Mule Deer hunts have been down in GMU 36 / Ruidoso. I’m starting my research now with a...