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    Quiver on your hip

    Does anyone here move their tight spot from their bow to their hip before going on a stalk? If so how do you attached to hip/belt ect…
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    Nevada Antelope - checker board crossing

    My antelope unit is pretty much all checkerboard. Any input on how Nevada handles this?
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    dial sight field point vs broadhead

    Just picked up my first dial sight. I have the correct tape for yardage on for my field points. Shoots very accurate. My question is when I switch to broadheads will the yardage tape need to be replaced? I am assuming I will shoot a little slower since broadheads have more drag than field points
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    WTS Range Finder

    Nikon Prostaff 3i. $150 to your door.
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    WTB after market tikka stock

    let me know if you have you are willing to let go. I have tikka t3x
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    bipod bounce?

    I have a tikka t3 6.5 CM that shoots lights out with factory ammo. I run a Leupold with a moa turret and my MOA chart is spot on out to 500. I've shot 300,400,500 many times with gun. I added a bipod to the gun, and zeroed the rifle with my bipod on. Then 3 groups at 300 are all about 3-5...
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    long range target

    What do you run for past 300 yards? I am sick of shooting at boxes then having to drive up to see where the impact was. Are gongs a big help here?
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    WTB Exo 6400 bag only

    Looking to buy the bag only. No lid needed. Let me know what you have!
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    Sold Exo K2 3500 plus extras

    Selling my K2 3500 Ranger green (small hip belt size) + 1 sidepouch + bow/gun carrier+ Kuiu glassing pad. Great pack no issues, works well for day hunting. I've also used for a few 5 day pack trips. Just upgraded to the new K3 version. Always soaked and cleaned after season/pack out. picture...
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    WTB Cimmaron with stove

    let me know if you are thinking about selling if you have one!
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    Magneto speed chronograph

    I am looking to buy a chronograph during Black Friday. Seems like most like the magneto speed sporter. Does anyone know if point of impact will be thrown off since it’s strapped to the barrel? Would it be worth the upgrade to the v3 model? Also I have a muzzle break will this present an issue...
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    Ammo way slower (FPS) then advertised??

    Would love some feedback/help! I’m going hunting next week so, all this timing is pretty unfortunate! I am shooting Nosler e tip 180 out of a tikka 300 win mag (that usually shoots lights out with other ammo, just couldn’t find other ammo) I dialed in at 100 then 300. I couldn’t hit a giant...
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    Tikka bit for wheeler fat wrench

    Has anyone found a t25 bit that works with the wheeler fat wrench?? I’ve tried a handful and they don’t seem to be compatible with the fat wrench
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    Snow in 3 season tent

    How much snow can a 3 season tent handle? I’ve never backpacked in the snow before and it looks like we’re in for some snow for an up coming hunt. I’m guessing a couple inches of snow would be fine and tent will hold up. What do you think is too much? I run a big Agnes copper spur...
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    2016 Swarovski 15x56 difference?

    I Am looking at buying a pair of 2016 swaros 15s from a fellow rokslider. Does anyone know if there has been an optical upgrade since then? I.e. if I bought a pair of 2021 15s are they the same glass?? I’ve called Swarovski 2x and they can’t give me a straight answer. Thanks for the help!
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    WTB Puffy jacket (L)

    Looking for a puffy for the up coming season!
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    WTB Nosler 300 wm 180 accubond

    Let me know what you have!
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    WTB Swaro 15x

    Let’s see what you’ve got!
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    Swaro 15 vs uhd 18s

    I’ll be adding either the swaro 15s or vortex razor uhd 18s to my set up this year. Currently run Leica 10s only. In a perfect world I would compare the 2 side by side and make a choice but I can’t do that. I like how the uhd are 18x but it seems like the swaro glass/clarity is the best in the...
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    VX-5HD 3-15X44 CDS-ZL2 SIDE FOCUS WIND-PLEX Brand new in box (open box) CDS dial not used. Will upload pictures in next couple days. $875 TYD