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    Cheatgrass webinar!

    I know it's last minute but here's a link to a free cheatgrass webinar that's scheduled for today starting at 9 am. If you are a land manager or landowner with cheatgrass it would definitely be worth taking a look at. There will be a knowledgeable panel available to answer questions.
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    Wyoming outfitter, landowner, DIY battle!

    Sorry if you've already read this on a different website but I am trying to reach out to every DIY/OYO across the country that enjoys hunting Wyoming. I'm not sure if many Wyo nonres are aware but nonres landowners currently take tags off the top of the pool of nonres tags available each and...
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    Turkeys struggling?

    Is anyone else in a quandary in regard to where to gobbler hunt in 2022? Unfortunately turkey numbers in my dependable turkey spot in Nebraska has crashed from several hundred birds in tree rows several years ago to only a handful of turkeys in 2021. The number of turkey hunters here in Colo...
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    Kifaru duplex load lifter adjustment alterations

    I was wondering if anyone has altered their kifaru duplex frame load lifter attachment so they are higher up on the frame? That is one of the few problems I’ve had with my kifaru system.
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    Mice and small rodent game cam pics?

    I'm conducting field research and would like to monitor mice and small mammals. I was wondering if anyone has picked these up with game cams pointed towards the ground or at ground level? I did a web search and couldn't find much info. I did see where someone baited mice inside a small box...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    If you are a concerned nonres and have years of applications and $ invested into the Wyo pref pt system....especially for the Big 5 species you can submit comments directly to the Task Force for the July 8th meeting. You must do this by 5:00 pm on July 6th! 90:10 would cut nonres limited tags...
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    OnXMaps chip on Iphone?

    I'm curious if it's possible to somehow download OnXMaps chip to an Iphone or if it's possible to update to iphone once you buy a chip? It sure would be nice to use the larger screen on my Iphone than gps unit. If you are like me you struggle with the tiny little screens on most gps units. I...
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    Wyoming 90/10 task force!

    Calling all Wyo nonres! Are you aware that Wyoming has a task force that currently is meeting and figuring out strategies for stripping nonres of limited big game tags? Are you aware that Wyo outfitters could potentially strip DIY nonres hunters of tags similar to what New Mexico did several...
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    Trail camera tricks

    I'm new to the trail camera scene and am trying to figure out a few strategies. I was wondering what tricks others have learned over the years that saves SD space, battery life, and takes more photos of game (fewer void pics) and more useable photos? I've set mine up in my backyard for birds...
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    Tossing $ to the wind in Colo!

    I have always been a weighted point skeptic for sheep, moose, and mtn goat in Colo I think a lot of guys believe that every year they apply and gain a pt they have a better % chance of drawing. Does a hunter that has applied for 20 years for a tag have a 20%, 10%, or 0.1% better chance to draw...
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    3 point muledeer genetics

    I've spent quite a bit of time in a limited muledeer unit in Wyoming the past 15 years. One thing that stands out is it is plagued with "3-pt-itis." After the hunting season I returned to the unit and saw approximately 50 3x4 bucks and only 1 true 4x4 buck. Some of these were really big...
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    Boot seam blowout!

    Unfortunately I have an almost new pair of boots that have 1 seam that blew out. I'm pretty sure if I don't treat it with something that more seams will pull apart and the leather will blow out. Has anyone had any luck treating blown seams with anything? I was thinking of using something like...
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    WTB Swarovski 65

    Looking for a Swaro 65 spotter and variable eyepiece in good to excellent condition.
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    WTB Leica Televid 25 - 50 eyepiece

    Looking for Televid 25-50 eyepiece. Unfortunately I whacked my current eyepiece on a rock while sheep hunting this year and won't be able to get it fixed before my son's upcoming elk hunt.
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    WTB Lowa, Scarpa, or Crispi's size 13 or 14

    Looking for a pair of lightly used Lowa, Scarpa, or Crispi boots for my son in size 13 or 14. All he can afford is $150 or less.
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    Kuiu 4th of July

    I just noticed that Kuiu is having a 4th of July sale. I also believe there is a $50 off $250 code available?
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    Shooting stick v-post

    I've considered buying a set of shooting sticks for longer range shooting in tall grass and brush. I just about choked when I saw the price of some of the new ones! When I started thinking about it I thought "why carry both a tripod for spotting scope plus shooting sticks.? I sometimes...
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    Best camo vest

    Unfortunately I lost my old dependable camo vest on my last hunt and am searching for a replacement. I was wondering what your favorite vest is? I hunt Western US plus Alaska on a regular basis. I would like to find a vest in semi-quiet cloth camo that is wind resistant. Quick drying...
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    Trophy whitetail judging

    I'm heading on a whitetail hunt this weekend with potential for a whopper. I was wondering if there's any websites available with field judging pointers for distinguishing between 140, 150, 160 vs 170+ whitetails? I've done a little web and youtube searches with little help available. If...
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    I just returned from Alaska and would really enjoy smoking some of the salmon fillets. Does anyone have a favorite smoker? Any tips on what to look for in a smoker? Thanks!