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    Backup Cell Phone Question

    Hello Everyone, I'm thinking about buying a Garmin 66st to use as a backup to my cell phone, which i prefer to use with OnX (since the GPS maps look so crummy). Instead, I'm wondering if I can upgrade my android phone (my battery is gettng old anyway) and use my old one as a backup GPS. I...
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    Property Owner's Names Fuzzy in Gaia

    Hello Everyone, I have both OnX and Gaia on my Android, and the names of property owners in Gaia looks blurry and somewhat illegible (to the point that i usually have to click on the map so that the detailed property info comes up, then I can read the owner's name, acres, etc). It stays the...
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    Colorado: 3rd and 4th rifle Question

    Hello, I am just curious as to understand why some hunters prefer the later seasons for elk in Colorado. From what I've read on here, it seems as though the weather can be very bad, and these seasons are after the early permit and OTC seasons, so the elk have been heavily pressured. Thus, it...
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    Maven C1 vs C3?

    Hello, Since Maven has gotten such good reviews, I had my mind set on buying a pair of C1 10x42 set of binoculars. However, the C3 10 X 50 are now on sale for the same price. Which do you think i would be better off with? I mostly treestand hunt for Whitetail, but am also planning a yearly...
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    Preference Point Question (Colorado)

    Hello. Since I now have a preference point for Colorado, I was just wondering how it helps me for next year's lottery. Does your name get entered into the lottery as many times as you have points (ex: 1 point = 2 chances, 2 pts = 3 chances, etc).?
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    Colorado Elk Draw - Is it rigged?

    Hello Everyone, My hunting partner and I were unsuccessful in the recent lottery. He has been going to Colorado for Elk every year since the 90s, and has always drawn a tag (cow muzzleloader or rifle, no archery) for area 421. This was the first year that he was unsuccessful (we applied...
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    Charging Battery Pack and Phone from Truck (Engine Running?)

    Hello, I am in the process of getting a Battery Pack in order to charge my cell phone for OnX use. Can I charge either/both of them overnight using my truck's battery, without the truck running? If so, has anyone had any issues with it depleting the truck battery? I know that the best way...