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    Aussie DIY hunt in the US

    How difficult would it be for an Aussie to do a DIY, public land archery Elk hunt in the US? I've got the time for research, I plan on doing it in 2024, but don't really even know where to start. I was thinking about getting a guide but I've never done this and I like the idea of doing...
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    What search pattern do you think is best?

    When searching for an animal, with limited or no blood trail, what search pattern do you generally use? I've found a zig-zag pattern in the direction of travel where the zigs and the zags get larger as you move away from the last known location works pretty well. I've heard others use an...
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    New arrows, new points?

    I've recently bought some new arrows to try something different. I went from the nexxus 250 spine (11.1 GPI) to the easton axis 260 spine (11.5 GPI), cut pretty much the exact same length. I've noticed the POI on the eastern is much higher (maybe 3 inches at 30+ yards) than the nexxus. Why is...
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    Stainless steel barrel distortion

    Looking at the Tikka TX3 in stainless steel though have heard the barrel on stainless steel rifles can distort due to heat after a few rounds. Is this the case? Is it an issue I should be concerned about? Apologies if this post already exists. I couldn't seem to find it. Cheers,
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    What state is my bow in

    Hi all, I recently moved while living in Australia and my container was delayed for a few weeks. My bow was in the container, and when I removed my bow today the bow was hot to the touch. My bow had to of been baking in that container for six weeks in the Australian summer desert. Is this how...
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    Bow creaking

    Howdy all, My 2021 PSE EVL 32 seems to creak when I draw it. It is most likely a couple of clicking sounds when drawing the bow but it honestly sounds like it’s creaking. When I draw the bow nothing seems to rub or touch, I’ve tightened all bolts and gone over the limbs to check for cracks...
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    Arrows kicking to the left after 20 yards

    Hi all, I recently picked up a new 70# PSE EVL 32. I’ve got it paper tuned at 3 yards pretty well. It Seems to be shooting nice bullet holes but I’ve noticed the arrows are tending nock left for shots greater than 20 yards. Any ideas? I’m shooting 250 spine arrows with 125gn points. Not sure...
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    Pressure adjustment on Nock 2 It

    Hi all, I recently bought a Nock 2 It and the release seems really sensitive. As soon as I rest my thumb on the trigger it fires. If I try to adjust the pressure setting the release doesn’t fire properly. Does this sound correct and has anyone else had this issue? cheers Tim.