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  1. J

    Spotting scope

    Hands down buy an almost new Swaro! It's worth every penny! I picked up mine for about 1/2 price on this websites classified adds that was almost like new. If you are super lucky you may be able to find a like new demo Swaro.
  2. J

    School A Long Time Floorless Guy on Floored Tents.

    Glad you mentioned Hilleberg....I love mine! It's a 4 season Nallo GT. What I do when I want to go light is to use just my Nallo Rainfly with poles and stakes. It's a fraction of the weight and bulk of the inner tent body plus fly. I've been in some pretty rough weather in Wyo, Alaska, and...
  3. J

    Pedal Kayak for fishing

    To me it's worth all the room of the Hobie PA14. I like to stand to fish. The PA14 has plenty of room in the front and even the back to stand to cast and fight fish. Also super stable when standing!
  4. J

    Camping on the top of mountains or in the valleys?

    I've been on a dall sheep hunt where sheep started moving deeper and deeper into remote canyons as they viewed us camped way below. My guess is that it's wise to camp out of sight of where sheep hang out whether that is high or low. Obviously the more time you can spend in areas with a view of...
  5. J

    New fly fishing setup suggestions needed

    I’ve broken several sages on salmon sized fish but they are always good with their lifetime guarantees. No problem with smaller trout breaking rods. I’d go with 5 wt for trout. Bass depends on the size I’m switching to echo rods for salmon. They seem less prone to breakage and are cheaper...
  6. J

    Colorado actually going to change things?

    Just as important as tag numbers and allotments is how CPW is managing its deer. Late rut deer rifle hunts plus doe tags doesn’t make sense for dwindling deer herds in western Colo? Although there are tags now, I don’t think the cpw realize the long term impacts and financial loss with fewer...
  7. J

    Best water filter pump

    Obviously not every area has water but where you do have available water it's super nice to just carry a light Katadyn BeFree water container empty that has a filter on it. I often use this while on high alpine trips where I have plenty of water sources available but need to purify the water...
  8. J

    In your experience, where are the biggest, most rugged mountains?

    "Hell Canyon" here in Colo where I've been dumb enough to shoot and pack out 3 mature bull elk!
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    Why Strength Train

    I weighed 110 lbs at 6’ in college. I began weight training and at my peak weighed 160 lbs. strengthening my 110 lb frame definitely helped me. Now I weigh 145. I’m super active hiking each day at work. I really believe staying active is super important for overall health regardless of what...
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    Glassing Distance Question

    Quality glass, heat waves, and light conditions are 3 of the top variables. Also the background is important. If antlers blend with the background it will be tough. Notice that the buck antlers in the above photo are lit up by the sun. If those same bucks were in the shade the antlers would...
  11. J

    Solo backpacking tarp

    I'm always searching of ways to rid myself of weight/bulk. I guess a lot depends upon where you are hunting? Here in Colo and Wyo I'd say forget it but maybe in wetter areas it may come in handy? A thin/light tarp would be nice during wet conditions in a place like Alaska but is it worth...
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    Swarovski ATX v Maven Spotter

    If you do much backpacking or are an old geezer like me the 65 makes more sense! The 85 may be a little lighter during low-light conditions but not a whole lot of difference.
  13. J

    Swarovski ATX v Maven Spotter

    I would seriously consider the Swaro 65. You will save $ compared to the Swaro 85. You not only will save $ but also the 65 is a lot nicer to haul around and takes up a chunk less room in your pack. You likely won't be gaining that much more light in low-light conditions with the 85 vs 65. I...
  14. J

    Marmot Precip vs OR Helium --Budget rain

    None of my MP has a white liner? I'm not sure if that's a newer model because mine were bought years ago and I've never had them fall apart. Mine have worked great for years and years of tough use.
  15. J

    10x vs 15x

    If you do ANY still hunting there is no way to hand hold 15x. You’ll go nuts trying to glass as you hike with 15x. I can’t imagine having to set up a tripod every time I look through my binos. Im constantly glassing with binos around my neck as I hunt. You will also find it is nearly...
  16. J

    Wyoming 90/10 for elk

    Here you go! A couple mobile homes in lander for less than $150,000. A few other small homes for $350kish. Some great homes for $600k...
  17. J

    Wyoming 90/10 for elk

    The same $350,000 home in Wyo would likely cost around $500,000 in Colo. A lot of retires may choose Wyo over Colo since they can get a lot more bang for their buck. It’s also tough to beat the hunting and fishing options available in Wyo compared to Colo. Wyo offers otc elk and deer plus...
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    Wyoming 90/10 for elk

    That’s a great deal to keep Wyo residency. Live in Wyo for 6 months from June through the November hunting season and then move somewhere with nice weather for 180 days (Dec to May).
  19. J

    Wyoming 90/10 for elk

    The sign of the times is heading towards living as a resident in a state if you ever want to big game hunt In the Western US. All of the posts I’ve been watching on several websites mention numerous guys retiring and moving to Wyo. I haven’t seen one post where hunters living in Wyo move away...
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    Backpacking old dudes

    I think one of the important things to do as you get up in age is to remain active on a weekly basis. I’m fortunate to have a job outside where I’m climbing hills just about ever day. It’s great for the lungs, legs, and heart! I dread the day I’m physically unable to head to remote, gorgeous...