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  1. stonewall

    Drip edge on roof?

    We’re building a house right now. Noticed there’s no drip edge installed on the roof. It’s a shingled roof. Per the builder, “we don’t do that anymore - if water gets under it, the water will be trapped and cause problems” Seems like he’s trying to cut corners. Everything I’ve read and ever...
  2. stonewall

    East Idaho News - Secret Santa

    I thought this would be worth sharing...if you have some time, these "Secret Santa" videos on the East Idaho News youtube channel are really worth the watch. It's very uplifting and definitely can put things in perspective.
  3. stonewall

    New Mexico Ski Trip recommendations

    We're looking at doing our first family ski trip. My wife and kids have never been - it's been 16 years for me. My kids range in age from 1.5 to 17. I've been told Angel Fire is a good choice. I don't like that the tubing hill is pricey and very limited (only hour long sessions). I'm...
  4. stonewall

    WTB Hornady Custom Lite in 243

    Any one have any of these they’d be willing to sell?
  5. stonewall

    How and When to take young kids elk hunting?

    I have been pondering just how to go about taking my kids (under age 10) along archery elk hunting. Being from TX, it's always a long trip regardless of what state I'm going to, and it's 7-10 days away from home (we home school btw). and as you know, elk hunting is physically demanding. I'd...
  6. stonewall

    Bobcat attacks woman this is quite the video. I unfortunately looked at the twitter...
  7. stonewall

    Gunbroker. Seller won’t contact me

    I “won” the bid on a TC hawken 50 cal that I planned to use for texas ml season. The auction ended dec 24. I have called twice and left a vm once. Emailed. Messaged through gunbroker. Not a peep from seller. Per GB the seller has 5 days to respond. I haven’t paid yet as the seller is supposed to...
  8. stonewall

    Bobcat vs. Rattlesnake

    This popped up in my youtube recommended: That's pretty amazing. And nice timing with the recent meateater podcast on Ocelots
  9. stonewall

    Broadhead penetration test...

    Well, as any normal person is wont to do, I did a bit of a penetration test on my setup first thing this morning... I'm shooting a Mathews Chill R at 70#, 30" draw. 515 grain BEA spartan with about 200 gr up front QAD Exodus Full blade (100 grain) The Test: I bought a house a couple years...
  10. stonewall

    Mathews Focus vs Flatback vs Engage

    What grip does everyone prefer? More specifically, what are your thoughts on the old focus grip? Does it actually help with torque? I have that grip on my Chill R (and flatback on Halon). I can't say it helps or not, but then again I'm quite the amateur.
  11. stonewall

    Collegiate runner spends night in tree to avoid bear

    This is interesting: I’m not a bear expert, but I have to think if the bear wanted to get her, it would have. It is interesting though that it would have followed her so far and then lingered under the...
  12. stonewall

    3 year old gets tangled in a kite

    not the typical post you see on rokslide, but i just had to share...crazy scary
  13. stonewall

    Bowhunter starts fire with arrow

    robbed this from facebook... this is quite amazing - evidently his first arrow missed, created a spark, started a fire:
  14. stonewall

    WTS AAE Prophecy arrow rest RH

    Selling for a friend. He put on his bow and then took off after a few shots...preferred his old rest. So it’s NIB with the exception of that. $150 TYD in lower 48. PayPal fees are included in price
  15. stonewall

    Chill R vs VXR 31.5?

    Does anyone have experience with both? I’ve been happy with my chill r and I don’t know that I can justify replacing it, but the vxr has really caught my eye. I have not been to shop to try one due to Covid...plan to sometime in the future. please share your thoughts
  16. stonewall

    Anyone tried Asio clothing?

    I think maybe I saw this in a facebook ad. I haven't heard of them until then. My first thought was that I didn't care for the pattern, but reading the "about us" page, it says it's targeted to whitetail stand hunting...makes sense. Has anyone tried the Asio...
  17. stonewall

    Any Better Call Saul fans on here? (obligatory possible spoilers)

    Now that the season finale has come and gone... How many Better Call Saul fans are on here? What are your thoughts? What do you think will come of Lalo, Nacho, Kim, and Gene? Early on, I thought Kim would dump Jimmy and go on with her life as a legit lawyer. I'm now of the mind that she'll...
  18. stonewall

    advice pls: CO elk for my dad, 2 points

    quick background: I have some archery elk experience, but wouldn't consider myself a veteran. hunted (bow hiked) CO otc my first two years. have killed a bull in NM, and a bull in WY. only rifle hunt I did was years ago - shot a cow in NM back when a NR could draw that tag (late season cow...
  19. stonewall

    BEA r nock weakness?

    This is my 3rd or 4th year shooting BEA spartans. I feel like I've seen comments here and there from people talking about that r nock not being any good. I never really thought about it until now (no issues until now) I've had, in the last 2-3 weeks, 3 nocks bust (split) at the shot. still...
  20. stonewall

    Orange Beach Fishing Guide Recommendation?

    We're doing a family trip to Orange Beach, AL in September (yeah, I know - this is my in-laws and i dare say it was on purpose - but I'm going straight to Wyoming the day we get back). Can anyone recommend a guide for, I guess it's considered "In-Shore" or Bay fishing? Maybe something family...