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    Why do Kifaru owners hate load shelves?

    I’m still pretty new at this, but most meat shelves sit too low for my liking. I think the best I’ve used was a SO Brooks with the meat sling thing inside the pack. That worked pretty slick. But the frame didn’t work for me as well as a Kifaru, and I love the idea of the meat shelf, just need...
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    Backpack hunting choice

    I love seeing stuff like this. Just went out with what you had and got it done! Kudos.
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    Question on limb lengths on ilf riser

    I’ve got a pair of long 50# TradTech limbs on a 19” riser (a Dorado, not a Satori). I’ve got a longer draw and bought them to replace the set of short 50# limbs that came on the bow. I couldn’t tell a difference in the speed of the two limbs sets at all, just less stacking at my DL with the longs.
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    Best Clicker for a somewhat Noob...

    I agree with both posts above. The draw-length dependent Clickety Click helped me consistently hit my correct draw length to improve much faster. I've still got it on my bow, and I don't think I'll graduate from it any time soon. Note about quieting the clicker: don't overdo it. It will be WAY...
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    Weatherproof Your Sight Tape?

    Easy enough! You just put the bottom side of the packing tape down, I assume, and leave a little overlapping the sight tape on all sides? No issues with water getting in at all?
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    Weatherproof Your Sight Tape?

    Hi, all. I've seen lots of threads about what software people are using to create their sight tapes, but I'm curious what you all do to weatherproof them and make sure they stay adhered. Most of you hunt in way worse conditions than I do, so I figure this is a good place to ask. Do you laminate...
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    Kentucky archery bow hunt 2022

    First of all, congrats! Secondly, you suck! KY resident here. A buddy drew an archery cow tag a few years ago, so I'm going off my poor memory, and things may have changed since. Definitely look up the Limited Entry Areas. I think there's another application process for those. Most of the...
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    THE Perfect hunting arrow

    Sorry, I know I'm way late, and I don't know the answer to your question, but I shoot the Traditional Only Barebow arrows. Like you, I found online that all of the specs seem to line up with the Axis, but the Barebow arrows have a thick and pretty durable coating over them. I like it quite a...
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    Long draw bows

    I'm 6'5" with a 32" DL as well, and I was easily able to get my older Elite (31.5" DL) out to 32" with a few minor tweaks. I think a half inch difference is still considered in spec for bows (I could be wrong), but it doesn't feel unsafe to me at all. I don't know if you have a way to press...
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    How long did it take you to get your first archery animal?

    I killed a whitetail doe my first archery season and a couple of them the next season… but I’m almost 15 years in now and (this is kind of embarrassing for me to admit) I have yet to kill a buck with my bow. Rifle season has always been pretty good to me, and until now I’ve never had the guts...
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    No press tuning?

    This is the same situation I find myself in. I have an older Elite, so I built a draw board with a 2x6 and a boat wench. I’ve found that I can use the Bow Medic press almost like the old dowel in the cam technique, in the sense that I draw the bow back on the draw board until the cams clear the...
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    Best hydration products???

    I’ll second Skratch. I used to just use sport drink mixes, but they are sugary and didn’t really seem to help. A cyclist recommended Skratch and it was exactly what I needed. I noticed a significant difference on long backpacking trips when I have a hard time replenishing electrolytes.
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    Sold Stokerized SL11 stabilizer

    Is this still available?
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    WTS 8” Bee Stinger Stabilizer

    Ok, thanks. I’ll weigh my current one and see if there’s enough of a difference there.
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    WTS 8” Bee Stinger Stabilizer

    Any chance you know the weight of the front disc?
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    That’s so disappointing! I’ve always really wanted a Marathon. I’m partial to analog watches. I had an old Victorinox that lasted about 15 years and died on a bear hunt. I ended up buying an Armourlite. Engraved on the back, it said “The Invincible Watch.” I had to send it back three times in...
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    THE Perfect hunting arrow

    As someone just here to learn as much as I can, can we agree to leave the issue of EFOC trajectory here and move on? I’d still like to learn what I can from this thread and don’t want to see it get knocked off course with bickering. What do you say?
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    How did you introduce your kids to hunting?

    Following! I’ve got a one month old boy. My first.
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    Are impact collars worth the cash

    I was breaking arrows left and right when I got into stumping, so I made my own collars out of aluminum arrows that just barely fit over my carbon shafts (with some light sanding). I put 1.5” collars or footers on the point end and .5” collars on the nock end, and I don’t think I’ve broken a...
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    THE Perfect hunting arrow

    I’m glad you said this. I noticed this as well. Neither moving nocking point nor lowering brace height would fix nock high. I thought I was screwing something up!