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  1. Rizzy

    Go hunt coupon codes?

    Is there any coupon codes for gohunt?
  2. Rizzy

    Idaho unit 27 sheep

    I drew one of the sheep tags😁 and I have already scouted it in years past and located Rams. I will for sure make a scouting trip in July though. I’m curious how much meat is on a Ram as compared to a Buck? I want to get an idea of how many game bags and what size to carry during the hunt.
  3. Rizzy

    When a Mountain Lion Spooks your Buck

    Do you keep hunting the Buck or move on to the next spot? I spotted a nice Buck on Friday morning at about 1030am within 100 yards from where I spotted him in August. I was waiting for him to bed in the timber and then he spooked. I then watched a mountain lion walking across the montain behind...
  4. Rizzy

    WTS Kifaru Pack Bags

    All sold
  5. Rizzy

    Montbell downhugger sleeping bags

    On clearance right now
  6. Rizzy

    Side zip e-vent bivy options?

    Is there any side zip e-vent bivies on the market that zip down far enough to pee out of?
  7. Rizzy

    WTT 60mm Vangaurd Endeavor HD for 80mm Vanguard Endeavor HD

    I have a straight version of the 60mm Vanguard Endeavor HD plus a little cash to trade for an angled version of the 80mm Vanguard Endeavor HD.
  8. Rizzy

    Is office 365 worth it ?

    Is it worth the yearly cost for the average home user? I'm having a hard time justifying it, but access to all the other programs might be beneficial.
  9. Rizzy

    Anyone try these yet?

    Anyone able to get a hold of these yet and/or try them?
  10. Rizzy

    Everybody Needs a Hobbie
  11. Rizzy

    Docter Nobilem 15x60 ?

    Anyone use these? They seem like an overlooked option in the world of 15X Binos. The specs and literature make it sound like Porro Prisms are the way to go. Less layers and cheaper to build.
  12. Rizzy

    Kuiu Ultra 6000

    Sage, tall frame, s/m belt I hiked through a burn area last weekend with it, so there are a few smudges. Other than that, it's in good shape. $250 shipped CONUS, I will consider trades also
  13. Rizzy

    Kryptek Posiedon

    Sierra trading Post has the Kryptek Posiedon for $130. Use one of the coupon codes and your getting it for less than $100 depending on the coupon code for the day.
  14. Rizzy

    Hunting with Golden Eagles

    Very interesting way to hunt coyotes.
  15. Rizzy

    Vortex Viper HD 15-45 X 65mm Angled - No Longer Available

    Vortex Viper HD 15-45 X 65mm Angled *Free shipping only applies to CONUS I'm selling my Viper to upgrade to a Razor. Optically it is good as new. I put the neoprene cover on it the day I got it so the body is in great shape, but the thumbscrew for the tripod mount is scuffed up and I have...
  16. Rizzy

    Nice Idaho Bull on TC

    I was pleasantly surprised to see this Bull on my Trail Cams this season. I will probably be setting up on that meadow again this season and hopefully he comes back. It will be really interesting if he does. I think he might be 280 or maybe even pushing 300", what do...
  17. Rizzy

    Good Mule Deer Article
  18. Rizzy

    Shooting Stlye

    How do you shoot? Instinctive, gap, both, other. I have done a lot better with instinctive so far, but it's hard to not peek at the arrow tip :)
  19. Rizzy

    May have found the one

    This is the biggest bodied Goat I have seen so far and he was in a hunt-able/ shoot-able location. Historically, the biggest Billy for the unit was 9" with 5" bases and the average Billy has been 8.3" with 4.8 bases to give you an idea of what the unit produces. I watched him feed for about an...
  20. Rizzy

    The" Blow the Bucks out of thier bed" scenario while scouting

    I would like to hear some thoughts and experiences on busting mature Bucks (4+) out of their beds while scouting in the summer in high elevation OTC units. Here's the recent scenario: I went into an area I'm familiar with and have seen nice Bucks on a particular hillside while glassing from...